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Toleration’s Church


The cultural doctrine of “tolerance” first demands “understanding,” then “acceptance,” then “allegiance,” then “obeisance,” then “conformity,” and ultimately “evangelism.” The ordered steps down the cathedral aisle do not matter as much as the baptismal outcome.

Hollywood’s hymnal sings both obvious and subtle references to accepted and rejected points of view. Glitterati must genuflect before the altar of agreed speech codes. News outlets cry from the pulpit concern for or consternation against the latest outrage. The plight of those suffering worldwide is reported only if their death reinforces the common book of party prayer.

Catechismal teaching reinforces the moment-by-moment commitment to ecclesiastical membership. Excommunication is swift for any who would sin against pontifical authority. Examples are made of anyone daring to transgress the received Ten Commandments: economic ruin follows reputational execution. Heaven beckons the culturally righteous, saints donning the white robes of social purity. Hell awaits anyone who has rejected salvation offered by the cultural gods of the day.

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My friend Susan Quinn (@susanquinn) wrote a post recently suggesting a Men’s and Women’s March as a way of re-acknowledging the differences between men and women and re-asserting support for a more traditional understanding of our respective roles. I commented on it, and rained on her parade more than I probably should have, since there’s […]

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