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A Photo Diary of My Trip to Cuba


Alas, this will be my last photo tour through Cuba. I suppose it’s fitting that I’d forgot to post this last chapter sooner considering that the entire series would have been published a few years ago…. had I not forgotten then. Better late than never I suppose! Below are the pictures of a day spent in the Escambray Mountains, near Trinidad. The region is probably most known for being the site of a long rebellion against Castro’s regime. Perhaps it will surprise you to hear that nobody mentioned that while I was there…

Oh, Yeah! Cuba (The Second-to-Last Part)


Whoops! I started the draft for my last post of Cuba at least a month ago, but I took so many photographs there (and liked them so much) that cutting away at the pictures was a serious task. I did my best, but even so, I’ll have to break the time my family spent in Sanctus Spiritus in half. Below are photographs of the road to, and city of, Trinidad; among Cuba’s loveliest locales.

Oh, Yeah! Cuba. (Again)


The photographic tour of Cuba continues, heading south, to Playa Girón. To Americans, this is the infamous site where hundreds of Cubans were slaughtered after Castro’s forces met a weak militia that anticipated American support. I can’t say what the average Cuban thinks about the failed invasion, but their fates were sealed — Cuba was Castro’s.