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Desi-Rae is a sociopolitical commentator, crypto enthusiast, and artist who started her talk show Just Thinking Out Loud, after she realized she felt conflicted about honestly speaking her mind. Originally from Jamaica, she offers her perspective on US politics, how you used to be able to disagree with someone and still be friends with them, why she hates identity politics, and how people were always assuming what she thought because she’s black. She and Bridget discuss whether being racist or sexist is the worst vice a person can have, the cost of cutting family members out of your life, how victimhood requires constantly looking for oppressors, why we should ask people to learn about the parts of themselves they don’t like, and how everyone in America is rich compared to the rest of the world.

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Dave Sussman of Whiskey Politics interviewed George Gilder recently, and that interview is the latest Whiskey Politics podcast here. I was eager to listen, both because Dave is a terrific interviewer and Gilder a fascinating visionary, and also because I’d read Gilder’s latest book, Life After Google, and found it unsatisfying. I hoped that Gilder […]

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On this week’s episode of Banter, AEI visiting scholar Mark Jamison joins the show to discuss how cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin work and how they are different from government-backed currency. At AEI, Dr. Jamison’s work focuses on how technology affects the economy, and on telecommunications and Federal Communications Commission issues. He has written several pieces on cryptocurrencies including how policymakers should approach this technology.

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Well it worked for the Long Blockchain nee Island Ice Tea Corporation, why can’t it work for us? The former Harvard Lunch Club Political podcast is now the Harvard Bitcoin Club Podcast…or maybe it’s the Harvard Lunch Club Bitcoin podcast…we’re not sure yet. But the Long Island Iced Tea Company tripled their share price last month after catching the bitcoin wave with a catchy name change to go along with their business model change. So we too are going for it!

In this edition of the Harvard Bitcoin Club podcast we talk about…Bitcoin! and then some more about bitcoin! and then (to show how flexible we are) we talk about racism and Donald Trump.