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Parental Rights in Schools


What is the Biblical Basis of Parental Rights?

The biblical basis of parental rights exists upon the family’s foundation–the first institution established and ordained by God. When parents come together and marry and then decide to have children, the parents are the primary teachers of their children concerning education, moral guidance, and ethical values within their family. Children also learn to co-exist with others inside the family, hopefully leading to co-existence with others in public. The biblical basis of parental rights is upon the foundation of marriage and family.

The Key to Student Excellence Is Married Mothers and Fathers


Standardized tests–SATs and ACTs–are disappearing from undergraduate admissions. Only 20 states, including Washington, D.C., require the SAT for high school juniors. Over 80 percent of four-year colleges have spurned standardized tests for admissions this year.

The removal of standardized tests was because blacks’ and Latinos’ scores were consistently lower than their white and Asian counterpart on these tests.

Rejecting Secular Ideologies Helps Black Families


After the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision, where the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, it allowed states to decide their respective abortion laws, primarily because the Constitution has no references to abortion.

Many school districts nationwide endorse curricula based on critical race theory and antiracism. These districts’ policies force this race-based ideology into all core subjects. It treats students differently based on race, ethnicity, and religious background. Many of these districts ignore challenges to this ideology by labeling disagreeable opinions “discriminatory.” These policies force children to view everyone through the lens of race and to label white students as “privileged,” “oppressors,” and “victimizers” while labeling all other children as “underprivileged,” “oppressed,” and “victims.” Many parents want these districts to treat each child with basic human dignity, value, and equal treatment–not based on racial discrimination.

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When 83-year old Supreme Court Justice Steven Breyer announced his retirement in February, it neither surprised nor initially concerned me. Hard-charging leftists demanded Breyer’s resignation ever since their legal and cinematic icon, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, passed away in 2020, leaving President Trump an opportunity to nominate and the Senate to confirm Amy Coney Barrett in quick order, […]

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McCauliffe Affirms School Signs


Ballot boxThe Virginia gubernatorial race will be over, plus or minus the stuffed ballot boxes, Tuesday, November 2. In the closing week, it appeared the electorate was shifting towards the Republican candidate, Glenn Youngkin. To the extent the shift was real, it was driven by the veteran Democrat hack Terry McAuliffe saying the quiet part out loud on education. His statement, in a late September debate, hurt him in the polls, but he has doubled down in the closing days of the election. Contrast this with his shift away from trying to make the election about President Trump. Is this a sign his campaign is confident the fix is in, that they have secured the margin of cheating?

In the September 28 debate, McAuliffe addressed school curricula and parental voice, a hot issue:

“I’m not going to let parents come into schools and actually take books out and make their own decision,” McAuliffe said. “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”

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I recently warned you to ignore public opinion polling this week in Virginia’s hotly contested gubernatorial election between first-time GOP candidate Glenn Youngkin and former Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe. I feared that Democrats and their media allies, likely the Washington Post/ABC polling outfit, would engineer a poll designed to suppress the GOP vote as they did in […]

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Strange Signs Pop Up Across the State of Virginia


I’m not quite sure what to make of the new signs that began popping up in the state of Virginia on Monday morning.

Earlier today, The Virginia Project, a group whose mission it is to build a 21st Century Virginia GOP, posted photos of new signs purportedly from the campaign of gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe, that say: “Keep Parents Out of Classrooms; Vote McAuliffe; Keep Virginia Blue.”

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Click here to listen to the podcast! On this episode of the Resistance Library Podcast, Sam Jacobs interviews Sean and Brian from Mythinformed MKE, a group dedicated to fighting for ideological diversity and against authoritarian ideology. In this episode, they discuss why Critical Race Theory is so dangerous, why it constantly uses doublespeak and neologisms, […]

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GOP Hits Back at AG Garland’s Weaponization of FBI Against Parents Good and Hard


Surely Attorney General Merrick Garland knows his authoritarian order to sic the FBI on parents who object to the teaching of critical race theory to their children and forced mask mandates was wrong. Obviously, he acted at the request of the President. Still, a man who has spent his entire career in law knows this is government overreach.

In a letter sent to President Joe Biden last week, the National School Board Association wrote:

Here’s Proof the Biden Administration Has Weaponized the FBI to Target Political Opponents


If one were seeking confirmation that the Biden Administration has continued the Obama Administration’s policy of pitting government agencies against its political enemies, here it is.

Last week, the far left National School Board Association solicited President Joe Biden’s assistance in their battle against parents who oppose the teaching of critical race theory in public schools and mask mandates. In a letter to Biden, they made the case that these parents should be treated as domestic terrorists. I posted about this request here.

National School Board Association Demands Biden Treat Fed-Up Parents as Domestic Terrorists


Image by Sabrina Eickhoff from Pixabay

Virginia gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin, a Republican, has consistently trailed his well-known opponent, Democrat Terry McAuliffe, a long-time Clinton ally and one-time governor of the state. If Youngkin is able to pull out a win in November, he may owe it to McAuliffe’s rather telling blunder on the topic of critical race theory during their Tuesday night debate.

“I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach,” McAuliffe told his opponent.

On this episode of “The Federalist Radio Hour,” concerned mother Nicole Solas joins Staff Writer Jordan Davidson to discuss how she’s fighting back against her local school district and the nation’s largest teachers union, which are both determined to indoctrinate her kindergarten daughter with critical race theory and radical gender ideology.

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Americans continue to reel at the speed of the Taliban’s largely unmolested march through most of Afghanistan (but not all). We recoil at the beheadings, rapes, murders, child sex trade, and other atrocities committed by Taliban fighters. Americans remain shell-shocked at the sheer incompetence of the Biden Administration’s handling of the entire matter since taking […]

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On this episode of “The Federalist Radio Hour,” Laura Zorc, director of education reform at FreedomWorks and executive director at Building Education for Students Together, joins Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to discuss how parents can mobilize to hold their school boards accountable for allowing racist curriculum, radical gender theory, and politically motivated mask mandates in classrooms.

H.B. 4117: Posting Curriculum Online Gives Parents a Glimpse of What’s Being Taught to Their Kids


The past year has seen a tsunami of State government initiatives pointed straight at our public school system. From the implementation of Culturally Responsible Teaching and Leading Standards (CRTL) to mask mandates that put bureaucrats in the position of in loco parentis while ignoring the minimal risk to children of COVID-19, our schools are losing local control to the dictates of a one-size-fits-all State. I’m now getting emails and calls from constituents about the implementation of curriculum centered on such notions as Critical Race Theory (CRT).

I take a back seat to no one in wanting to stem the rise of politics in the classroom, but I also want parents to be the point persons holding school districts responsible for what’s being taught to their kids.

‘Fault Lines’: A Book Review


One benefit of driving across the United States these past couple of weeks is the opportunity to catch up with terrific audiobooks. One was Dr. Wilfred McClay’s fabulous “Our Land of Hope,” the best survey of American history I’ve read to date, published in 2019. The second was “Fault Lines” by Voddie Baucham Jr., a prominent Southern Baptist African American pastor and divinity school dean.

Wow. And what makes Baucham’s book launch and tour earlier this summer all the more impressive was the time he spent at the Mayo Clinic, recovering from heart surgery.

Both books have attracted a lot of attention, but Baucham’s “Fault Lines” strikes a chord in tackling the cultural issue du jour – Critical Race Theory (CRT). A quick search for reviews of the book underscores that. While Baucham’s book focuses on the battle over social justice raging within evangelical churches, it is valuable for anyone seeking to understand CRT and its growing global march across many institutions.

David French and the Dialectic


The left moves, and has long moved, by dialectic. The activist-academic class introduces a concept or word into the public debate and shoves with all its might, taking its own logic to its flashiest conclusion. This conclusion being nonsense, pushback inevitably follows, prompting the activists to scamper back to their safe, warm mottes. But things don’t snap back to the way they were. No. The terms, ideas, and slogans introduced by the activists stick around. They’re subsumed into the broader culture, their edges rubbed off. They become part of the scaffolding of political debate — the mental furniture of the American mind. It is by this process that figures like David French (who is no longer a conservative) will come, mark my words, to defend transgenderism against the onslaught of transhumanism sometime in the 2040s. It is because of this process that conservatism is all but a myth. Conservatives cannot conserve — not in our current culture, at least.

That David French is no longer a conservative will come as a surprise to nobody. I say this not because of his anti-Trump writings (there are perfectly good reasons to dislike Trump — I voted for him, and I can recognize that), but because David French, like the jolly band at The Bulwark, has shown himself eager to accept the terminology, framing, and general worldview of the cultural left. Just today, he published a piece titled “Structural Racism Isn’t Wokeness, It’s Reality.” French writes:

Abolitionist Teaching Network: Coming to a School Near You


Have you heard about the latest partnership between the federal government and the Abolitionist Teaching Network? If not, I’m not surprised; you weren’t supposed to hear about it, since the Biden administration has been contracting with the ATN with      no announcement or fanfare. The reason? They don’t want you to know that they’ve created this alliance to intensify and increase the indoctrination of Critical Race Theory, not only for children, but for the teachers, too.

What does this alliance look like? The funding has already been allocated:

Quote of the Day: Reinhold Niebuhr on Marxism


Reinhold niebuhr.jpgThe insights into human nature which Marxism has fortunately added to modern culture belong to the forgotten insights of prophetic religion. They must be reappropriated with gratitude for their rediscovery. But since prophetic religion must deal with the total human situation it cannot accept them merely as weapons in one particular social conflict. To do so would mean to make them the basis of new spiritual pretensions. The pathos of Marxian spirituality is that it sees the qualified and determined character of all types of spirituality except its own. Thus the recognition of human finitenness becomes the basis of a new type of pretention that finitenness has been transcended.

From An Interpretation of Christian Ethics. Click here to see the quote in the book itself.  I’m trying to get some working competence with the thought of Reinhold Niebuhr (not to be confused with his brother Richard Niebuhr) because I’m teaching this course again next year.

I have a long way to go.  And, arguably, I’m not even in the right book!  This is just some early Niebuhr that he later critiqued himself!  (Speaking of Niebuhr, I also recently noticed that I’d been spelling it incorrectly–NiebHur instead of NiebuHr.)