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On Covid and Texas, Biden Courts a Constitutional Crisis


When Donald Trump was president, we heard a lot about Norms® and Standards. Trump was accused of violating this vague collection of unwritten rules, a convenient tactic when they couldn’t prove actual crimes. The good news was that Biden’s election would restore this Beltway-approved system of etiquette. How refreshing.

Eight months into his administration, Biden has folded, spindled, and mutilated our Norms® and Standards, even those mandated by the Constitution. Trump was erratic but Biden is openly courting a constitutional crisis.

Pressured by far-left backbencher Cori Bush in August, the White House reinstated an eviction ban already declared illegal by the Supreme Court. Biden knew it was a violation but said: “by the time it gets litigated, it will probably give some additional time.”

Jim and Greg discuss a rebuke by 12 House Democrats of Rep. Ilhan Omar’s tweet comparing the U.S. and Israel to the Taliban and Hamas, the new record-breaking numbers of border crossings in May, and the continued expansion of inflation.

Biden’s Border Crisis Shows No Signs of Letting Up


America has a border wall that is very efficient at keeping out intruders. It hasn’t been breached once in over three months.

Unfortunately, it protects only our political elites at the US Capitol, who are under minimal threat. Other Americans must make do with a wall that is highly porous, that leaks multitudes of illegal immigrants daily, including everything from petty criminals making life miserable for border residents to murderous cartel members.

Americans not living in a cave know we have a hot mess on our southern border. Fired up by Biden‘s not-so-subtle invitation to come in, hordes of migrants began forming caravans even before his inauguration.

Seattle and King County Are Now Governed by…


CHOP. The anarchists and other assorted activists who are, with the positive assistance of the City of Seattle, occupying a portion of the city, now dominate the rest of the city. More manifestations of this dominance:

Washington State Patrol will keep closing I-5 for protests. I am on the WA State Dept of Transportation email list for truckers, and I am now getting multiple alerts daily about the freeway being closed. No reason given.

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My husband was raising the alarm early in the 1990s. Even wrote a booklet about it, which he distributed to friends and family. Our government was overspending—there was a hockey-stick graph that showed the federal budget shooting up in the stratosphere (a billion-dollar deficit!!), with certain consequences for the near future. We were in our […]

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Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America get a kick out of Dianne Feinstein declaring Roe v. Wade of being a “superprecedent.”  They’re also frustrated as the VA’s inspector general shows far too many veterans are being forced to wait a long time on the Veterans Crisis Line.  And they weigh in on the Blaze suspending Tomi Lahren for telling ‘The View’ that being pro-choice is consistent with conservatism.

America Faces a World of Trouble


Americans, their new president and his team, and the 115th Congress face a world that, in former Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel’s memorable words, is “exploding all over.” New Secretary of Defense James Mattis asserted in his confirmation hearing that the world order “is under the biggest threat since WWII.” Hostilities, atrocities and weapons programs are escalating around the globe.

Syria is a cataclysm of war and despair. Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen, Sudan, Libya, Venezuela, and Ukraine are in crisis. The Middle East is beset by terrorism and the growing influence of Russia and Iran. Iran and North Korea are ever closer to becoming serious nuclear powers. China is flexing its geopolitical muscle, expanding its military power, and aggressively building islands in the South China Sea. Russia is bullying and destabilizing Eastern and Central Europe, and pressuring the NATO alliance itself. Islamic extremism, anti-Semitism, persecution of Christians, targeting of religious minorities, and severe human rights violations are on the rise.

American foreign policy at its best emphasizes both national security and security partnerships, and human rights. But President Obama and Secretaries of State Clinton and Kerry emphasized neither. They generally treated democratic allies and pro-democracy groups ungenerously, while treating adversaries and anti-democratic groups generously. The misguided hope was to create a unified, if morally mute world in which we could all, somehow, get along. Our debility and lack of compassion in turn gave hostile forces momentum, and fuel for their propaganda. As the United States weakened traditional relationships and surrendered leadership, trust in our reliability waned, while questions about our priorities grew. Often, we alienated the very moderate and peaceful countries and peoples we need on our side.

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Liberals, collaborating with the “new paganism”, are driving the Catholic Church towards a split, according to Bishop Athanasius Schneider, the liturgical specialist who is carrying on a rearguard fight against “abuses” in the Church. So serious are the problems, Bishop Schneider said in an interview last week, that this is the fourth great crisis in […]

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