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What Is Happening to Our Country?


What is happening to our country? @docrobert posted about the supply chain issue, focusing on California ports (just one port of many), but these supply shortages and delivery issues are just one, in a long list of serious problems in the “new, woke Biden administration’s America.” Our Transportation Czar, Pete Buttigieg, has taken a maternity leave since August, to stay home with his gay partner. Dear Mr, Buttigieg, you may have a doctor before your name, but neither you nor your partner carried a child for nine months, or went through a grueling and exhausting delivery, and never will. Why such a long leave? In the meantime, people are waiting for building materials, appliances, furniture, computers, auto parts, and many other critical supplies, that you should be on the job resolving. Pete, can you address the country on our supply chain and delivery issues and what you are doing about it?

The babies arrived amid the delay of a bipartisan infrastructure bill and growing concerns over product shortages and the sluggish transport of goods, inconveniences that have only grown more biting as the pandemic continues.  On Friday, Mr. Buttigieg’s twins cooed in the background as he spoke by phone about the “pro-family” policies.

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QOTD: Not Who You Think


If there was no crime and violence in communities of color, who would suffer?” — Graffiti on sidewalk outside of CTA Roosevelt Station, Chicago, Illinois

I first ran across this graffiti (clearly done with a stencil and pink paint) a month ago, and it got me thinking. Who would suffer, actually? We can see who the author believes would suffer: https://twitter.com/crimedrought has plenty of trashing of the police, and Trap House Chicago is apparently a “restorative justice clothing store” down on the South Side. (Obviously, CoC violations galore there.)

Thomas Hogan joins Brian Anderson to discuss the three laws of crime concentration in the U.S., the extent to which academic research informs the practice of law enforcement, and the “progressive prosecutor” movement.

Find the transcript of this conversation and more at City Journal.

Nicole Gelinas and Rafael Mangual join Theodore Kupfer to discuss the dangerous conditions at Rikers Island, the policy choices that have led to the current crisis, and whether the jail complex can be saved.

Find the transcript of this conversation and more at City Journal.

Ed Glaeser joins Brian Anderson to discuss how cities can overcome Covid, remote work, crime, and misgovernance. Glaeser’s new book, Survival of the City: Living and Thriving in an Age of Isolation, is out now.

Find the transcript of this conversation and more at City Journal.

Barry Latzer joins Brian Anderson to discuss crime and punishment in the United States, today’s debates over criminal justice, and his new book, The Roots of Violent Crime in America.

Find the transcript of this conversation and more at City Journal.

This is Not Normal, Not Even a New Normal


If you are feeling bat-[bleep] crazy, or just plain bats (I hate to use that term bats, due to the Wuhan crap and is now associated with COVID), I just want to say (shout)  – you are not alone! Not by a longshot. You, my friend, are not crazy, but normal in every sense of the word, so rest assured. The circumstances around you are not right. Your sense that this is the case, is normal, so check that box. What is not normal is what we are witnessing around us. Let’s examine:

Gender – I read on my Apple News, that comes through on my phone whether I want it or not, that the head of the American “Medical” Association wants to reject putting any sex or gender on a new birth certificate. It is now about feelings that are subject to change. Are you kidding? Please resign. Even Mother Nature knows this is ridiculous and not normal, not in the bird world, or the dog world, or even the bat world, will any of God’s creatures ever give birth to a fluid-gender, confused new life. This is orchestrated.

Sovereignty and Patriotism – Being proud to be an American has always been part of our heritage. Italians are proud of Italy, their heritage, and many pasta recipes; Greeks are proud of their very long lineage, olives and feta, and so forth. We all share a common love of country, family, and a delicious, multicultural soup, that I cannot imagine a homogenized sameness, where border safety and our history are looked at as bad. Yet we are being intimidated to do just that. America was and is a refuge – a place where you can speak freely, be safe, where law and order are part of the fabric of a society without a fear or intimidation of imprisonment, censorship, or job loss because of one’s beliefs. That only happens in communist and totalitarian regimes, right? Not anymore. This is not normal.

Charles Fain Lehman joins Brian Anderson to discuss why police departments are losing officers, flawed arguments for progressive criminal-justice policies, and the enduring relevance of James Q. Wilson’s work on crime.

Find the transcript of this conversation and more at City Journal.

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We’re busy and have a lot going on at the moment, like most working Americans, so I wanted to catch up on the news. When I turned on the TV today for a few minutes, the hearing on January 6th – the Insurrection, was underway. After a short time, I had to turn it off.  […]

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Downsizing… Any Age Qualifies


We sold our house and we’re moving. It was very unexpected, but leong story short: we noticed a few quick sells in our neighborhood (for a lot of money), and my husband kept telling me stories of clients, who told him “people” knocked on their doors, and offered any asking price! Wow! Are things that bad in all those wretched, crime-riddled, police-hating states?  Apparently so, because it’s not COVID that’s causing all these East and West Coast license plates showing up on our roads, it’s our once-beautiful major cities being burned, looted, trashed, and becoming un-inhabitable that’s driving the red-hot relocation and housing boom.

So we tentatively dipped our toe, threw out an insane asking price, and within twenty-four hours, had five showings and two offers above listing price.  We took the all cash offer and ability to lease back cheap for two months. Our heads are spinning, but thank you Democrats for driving people to my beautiful, police-loving, calm and sensible state.  We were able to fund our retirement three and a half years earlier, and are in the process of building a new house in a new area (of course it’s the same state and not Portland!).

California Recall


Last Wednesday, June 23, 2021, the California Secretary of State Shirley Weber announced that the recall petition against Governor Newsom had the requisite number of valid signatures and was thus certified. This sets the stage for a recall election within the next six months. For those unaware of California recall procedures, the recall election will involve two questions on the same ballot, first, should the governor be recalled, yes or no, and the second vote for one candidate from a list of candidates to replace the governor. If 50% plus one vote to recall the governor, then the candidate who receives the most votes on the second question will be the new governor; otherwise, Governor Newsom will remain governor until the end of his term.

I live in California and will vote to recall Newsom. As to the second question, who to replace him with, that remains an open question. However, the candidate most likely to get my vote will need to espouse conservative principles (hopefully with a record to back up those principles) and I hope will take positions like the following;

Secoriea Turner’s Parents Sue Atlanta Police Chief, Mayor, and Others


Last July 4, eight-year-old Secoriea Turner was shot and killed as she rode in the back seat of a car with her mother, Charmaine Turner, and Omar Ivery. Their vehicle was shot at because they had made a wrong turn and found themselves near a then burned down Wendy’s restaurant, the sight of the police shooting death of Rayshard Brooks a few weeks earlier. In the intervening weeks, the Wendy’s had become the focal point of protests over Brooks’ death and the site of several violent acts, including the burning down of the restaurant. Armed individuals had set up a roadblock and had effective control of the area. This is the location young Secoriea and her family found themselves on that fateful July evening.

Other factors leading up to Turner’s murder include the firing of Officer Garrett Rolfe, the officer involved in the 6/12/20 shooting death of Rayshard Brooks, and murder charges being filed against Rolfe by Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard. Howard was in a tight reelection campaign (which he later lost), and many thought the quick filing of charges against Rolfe was more political than a decision based on the evidence. Rolfe has later been reinstated to the force, but his murder trial is still pending.

Additionally, Atlanta Chief of Police Erika Shields resigned on June 13, 2020, with groups like the NAACP calling for her resignation in the wake of the Brooks shooting death. Shields was popular among Atlanta’s police officers. Earlier in June, six Atlanta Police Department officers were charged by District Attorney Howard with excessive force after tazing two college students who had violated Atlanta’s curfew. The curfew was put in place by Mayor Bottoms after several days of protests, looting, and destruction of property.

No Fate: Ohio


Ohio need not go the way of Minnesota. Republicans and Trump voters, the forgotten Americans, have it in their power under Ohio’s state constitution to smash the Marxist BLM and Critical Race Theory lies. Fortune will favor the bold in Ohio who take up President Trump’s torch for the forgotten Americans of our inner cities. Someone must champion the African Americans who are being shoved back into dependency and constant physical danger by Democrats, with Congressional RepubliCAN’T complicity. John Hinderaker did us a valuable service by summarizing the latest encounter between police and a black criminal who expected to defy lawful interference in her life-threatening armed assault on two African American girls. However, his gloomy prognostication about “the latest anti-police fraud” need not come to pass:

We all know where this is going. The would-be murderer Ma’Khia Bryant will be lionized with fulsome tributes. Her relatives will become multi-millionaires. The intended victim may side with her would-be murderer; there is plenty of money to go around.

Rafael Mangual joins Brian Anderson to discuss rising disorder in New York City, the city council’s just-passed package of police reforms, the causes of the crime spike, and the future of public safety in U.S. cities.

City Journal’s special issue, New York City: Reborn, is now available.

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You get off the phone with someone you love, who’s just been handed that straw for her overloaded camel, and you can’t do anything, and you just need to rant. My sister is one of the best people you could ever meet. Though life has thrown some really difficult trials and challenges at her in […]

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Nicole Gelinas joins Seth Barron to discuss the financial shape of the New York region’s transit system, the importance of midtown Manhattan to the city’s economy, the disturbing spike in violent crime on streets and subways, and more.

Find the transcript of this conversation and more at City Journal.