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Top Ten Signs You’ve Chosen a Bad CCW Instructor


‘From the home office in Paulden, Arizona, the Top Ten Signs You’ve Chosen a Bad CCW Instructor…

  • He starts off his safety speech by saying “Accidental discharges are something you need to get used to.”
  • He shows off his challenge coin from Mayors Against Illegal Guns.
  • He spends more time complimenting your choice of camo gear than he does correcting your shooting stance.
  • He demonstrates techniques he learned from playing Call of Duty.
  • His class coursework on aiming your gun properly refers to “site picture”.
  • He’s wearing a drop leg holster. On his arm.
  • He’s proud of the fact he’s teaching like they did in the ’50s. The 1850s.
  • His talk on the legalities of carrying a firearm is “Shoot first, ask questions later” and nothing more.
  • He says he can’t pick up yours or anyone else’s guns because his felony conviction is still on appeal.

And the #1 sign you’ve chosen a bad CCW instructor…

Choosing Your First Defensive Firearm


woman-at-gun-rangeIf you’ve decided to take responsibility for your own self-protection and become your own first responder, you’re in good company. This year, on Black Friday, Americans bought enough guns to outfit the entire Marine Corps (and a few extra Army Divisions as well).

The fact is, though, that going into a gun store to purchase a firearm can be an intimidating event. It’s like buying a new big screen TV for your home or upgrading the stereo in your car: There are a lot of technical terms and a lot of choices to make, sometimes with no clear distinction between one product and another. Guns, for the most part, are a consumer item, just like a blender or a microwave or a television, so what you plan on doing with your gun is going to affect what kind of gun you’re going to buy. For the purposes of this post, I’m going to assume you’re looking for something that is first and foremost to help keep yourself and your family safe inside your home, and then possibly to carry outside the home as well.

If that’s your situation, I would recommend starting with a modern, compact polymer service pistol in 9mm, such as the Glock 19, the Smith & Wesson M&P9c, the Sig Sauer P320 Carry, Ruger SR9-C, or the FNS-9 Compact. All of these guns are very reliable, very safe to handle, and very easy to use. Also, most of these have a wide variety of accessories available so your gun can grow in capabilities as you do.