A “Global Emergency?” Nah, Just Global Political Correctness


The World Health Organization (WHO) has only six other times declared a disease-specific “global health emergency.” Covid-19 was the most recent one, although they can’t seem (refuse?) to confirm its origination. Ebola is a highly fatal disease that has inspired several disaster movies. Zika is another one known for causing brain defects in infants born to mothers infected by the virus. MERS, a Middle-Eastern coronavirus respiratory disease, earned the designation in 2012. A pair of especially virulent flu viruses, including H1N1 in 2009-10, largely round out a list that includes several humanitarian crises in places like Afghanistan.

But Monkeypox is the latest. The media, as usual, brims with fear-mongering stories about a disease that is rarely fatal and has infected some 4,000 people – mostly gay men and a few others who have come in contact with them. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have piled on, giving it “Alert 2” status and calling for “enhanced precautions.” But they’re not entirely inaccurate about how the disease is spread.

Join Jim and Greg as they reject Biden’s plans to overstep his constitutional boundaries in the name of a climate emergency. They also condemn the attempted stabbing of Rep. Lee Zeldin as he campaigned for governor of New York – and for the insane no cash bail policy that allowed his attacker to walk free the same night. And they vent as White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre says “it doesn’t really matter where President Biden contracted COVID after government spent the past two years keeping us away from dying loved ones, funerals, schools, churches and so many other parts of life.

Near the conclusion of the podcast, Jim and Greg announce a special upcoming edition of the 3 Martini Lunch and explain how you can be part of it.

Jim and Greg comment briefly on the news that President Biden tested positive for COVID Thursday morning. Then they dive into the New York Times series on columnists admitting things they got wrong. They welcome the admission from Bret Stephens that he was very wrong about Trump voters and they had many, many good reasons to be thoroughly fed up with politicians who stiffed them culturally, economically, and otherwise for decades. They also slam Gail Collins for her self-serving column about writing too much about Mitt Romney’s dog during the 2012 campaign. And they hammer Paul Krugman for saying he was wrong about inflation but then spending the rest of the column trying to explain how he really wasn’t.


This week on “The Learning Curve,” Gerard Robinson and guest co-host Kerry McDonald talk with Bernita Bradley, founder and president of Engaged Detroit, a parent-driven urban homeschooling advocacy coalition. Bernita shares her background, and how she became a nationally recognized parent advocate for urban K-12 education reform. They delve into problems with the chronically underperforming Detroit Public Schools, the ways in which parents have responded, and the tensions in Detroit between the traditional public schools and charter schools. Bernita describes her daughter’s experience during COVID, why it was a turning point, and how it sparked an interest in homeschooling. She shares how Engaged Detroit and other parent organizations’ efforts to organize parents across the country are progressing, and the main lessons K-12 education policymakers should be learning from parent-driven school reform efforts.

Stories of the Week: A new study from a team of political scientists found that those college grads who worked for Teach for America were significantly more likely to vote than their peers who applied but weren’t admitted to the program. Former Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has called for the abolition of the agency she once led, and giving more authority back to states and localities.

Bo Burnham: Inside ‘Inside’


Welcome to another Bo Burnham post.  Yes, I might be considered a fan.  Not everyone is and that’s fine.

Read on to find out why Inside is so brilliant and why the collection of edits ‘from the cutting room floor’, The Inside Outtakes, is not just a view into the bloopers and the process, but almost another version of Inside.  These aren’t the only reasons why Bo Burnham is hilarious, but they are some of them and certainly a good beginning as to why you should enjoy his comedy.

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I found three papers discussing the lost learning suffered by school children as a result of the Covid lockdowns.  I thought that this might be of interest to some of you. Before getting to the three studies, I want to address the measurement issue.  Two of the three report the educational harm to school kids […]

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Another Professional Hit Job in Florida


We are watching the latest effort to execute a political hit job on a man who is tremendously qualified to be the next surgeon general in Florida. And the actions against him are an embarrassment to the state, to science, and to the ethics of medicine.

The action I’m referring to is an upcoming hearing, conveniently scheduled on Tuesday, as part of the process to approve Dr. Joseph Ladapo to be surgeon general. (I’m suggesting the timing of this information is not a coincidence.) The story begins when Dr. Ladapo first applied for a professorship at the University of Florida College of Medicine, and received a recommendation from his supervisor at UCLA. In a two-page letter to the university, Dr. Carol Mangione, chief of the division of general internal medicine and health services research at UCLA Department of Medicine, listed his credits:

She noted his ‘outstanding research and clinical teaching accomplishments,’ which led to his promotion to a tenured associate professorship in 2020 for his distinguished contributions to the division.

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The juxtaposition of two major spending bills in US Senate within hours of each other Thursday was not lost on the Independent Restaurant Coalition (IRC). President Biden signed into law Saturday legislation providing $40 billion in aid related to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, $7 billion more than he requested. Only 11 Senate Republicans and 57 […]

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New study: Face mask usage correlates with higher death rates Using data from 35 countries and 602 million people, peer-reviewed study confirms previou A new peer-reviewed study entitled: “Correlation Between Mask Compliance and COVID-19 Outcomes in Europe” has demonstrated that use of face masks, even widespread, did not correlate with better outcomes during the COVID […]

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The Critical Fight Against Misinformation


Everybody who questions the Official COVID Narrative is some tinfoil-hat-wearing lunatic.

At least that is what the Journal of the American Medical Association wants you to believe.  Dr. Josh Sharfstein of Johns Hopkins University laments the difficulty he has in battling COVID falsehoods.  Those poor American rubes believe such nonsense; how can a poor doctor possibly keep up? It must be especially difficult for someone like Dr. Sharfstein, confined to using C-SPAN and JAMA.  He doesn’t have a platform like Ricochet to reach the masses.

Join Greg and Rob Long as they hope reports of major downsizing at public schools over shrinking enrollment means public schools will need to compete for students and provide a much better education. They also cringe as Biden official Samantha Power seems happy that farmers are getting crushed by much higher fertilizer prices because it will accelerate the government’s green agenda. And they shake their heads at the administration’s latest COVID hypocrisy at the border.

‘It’s Time for Real Life’


Washington Dulles Airport buzzed with fully masked but not socially distanced travelers late on a rainy and unseasonably cold Monday afternoon. We were in the terminal that comprised mostly international flights, checked in and screened for a long flight over the Atlantic.

I had gotten used to not wearing a mask, and opted for glasses over contact lenses for the red-eye flight to Charles DeGaulle Airport in Paris. Ugh, I’d forgotten why I hated wearing masks with glasses. After all, every one of our nation’s 50 states, some since the beginning of the pandemic, had either eschewed or canceled most mask mandates, except for medical facilities and transportation. I had hoped that the CDC would allow their mandate to expire on April 18th, which was already the subject of a federal lawsuit from with support from major airlines and many others would win the day before our trip.

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We have an early contender for the Democrat’s 2022 campaign slogan. As seen on Weibo: Shanghai residents go to their balconies to sing & protest lack of supplies. A drone appears: “Please comply w covid restrictions. Control your soul’s desire for freedom. Do not open the window or sing.” https://t.co/0ZTc8fznaV pic.twitter.com/pAnEGOlBIh — Alice Su (@aliceysu) […]

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Join Jim and Chad as they analyze how China’s ‘zero-COVID’ strategy is having a tumultuous effect on it’s cities and economy. They also shake their heads at a new report that found as much as $80 billion was stolen from the Paycheck Protection Program. And in another press conference fumble, President Biden may have admitted that the U.S. is training Ukrainian troops in Poland.

Fake News Live


Before the pandemic, I’d perform on cruise ships every few weeks. It’s a great gig: well-paying, responsive audiences and an opportunity to visit places as diverse as Ushuaia and Singapore. While I’m certain that restrictions such as lockdowns impacted others more than me, they certainly changed my life significantly. Much of it was for the good: I began spending more time with my wife and children than ever. I learned to cook – and to love it. I spent months intensely rehabilitating an injury to my foot and then seamlessly transitioning to another rehab after surgery on my knee, culminating in the completion of my second marathon. (Pro-tip: getting physically stronger is the closest thing to a cure-all for aches and pains.) I’m now again fully fit and looking forward to our family’s skiing trip.

All the while, though, I was writing, writing, writing. It’s kind of strange to write jokes with no imminent opportunity to perform them, even if it’s so much as an open mic. I did perform several so-called “Zoom shows” during the pandemic but it’s just not the same. There was something depressing about looking out at the audience while I’m performing and everyone is starring at their devices.

No charge for that joke.

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Before the experience becomes a faded memory, I’d like to reflect upon the unique symptomatology of my personal COVID encounter, whose three-week experience accompanied me into the new year. While I did not think I was in actual danger of dying — as thought a friend whose 2020 infection included “ground-glass” lung pain and shortness […]

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Join Jim and Greg as they cheer a poll showing a majority of Democrats supporting the Florida legislation keeping controversial sexual topics away from kids in kindergarten through third grade and Gov. Ron DeSantis sporting a healthy lead over the Dems running against him. They also sigh as President Biden says sanctions were never going to deter Russia despite top administration officials saying exactly the opposite for weeks. And Jim dissects China’s new COVID problem as cases are on the rise there.


Join Jim and Greg as they implore Missouri primary voters to pick another Republican as more allegations of abuse emerge about Senate candidate Eric Greitens. They also grimace as Vice President Harris offers up another nonsensical word salad in public comments. And the CDC retroactively changes COVID death totals, reducing the total for children by 24%.