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‘Covid Relief’ Just a Democrat Wish List


America’s recent presidents have been all over the spectrum politically, but they shared one thing in common: near-total indifference to our national debt.

George W. Bush wasn’t that interested in fiscal matters, not vetoing a single bill his first six years in office. He exerted little influence as the deficit started to climb. Barack Obama zealously pursued spend and borrow strategies. He affirmed the mindset of ignoring future implications.

Fiscal conservatives who hoped a Republican president could right the ship were crushed when Donald Trump announced the giant entitlement programs were safe from reform on his watch.

The COVID Relief Bill Contains What?!


“We have to pass the bill,” she said, “so that you can find out what is in it — away from the fog of the controversy.” Nancy Pelosi on the Affordable Care Act, March 2017. Apparently, they’re still doing it, except there’s still fog and controversy.

Do you know what is in this bill? In case anyone in government is wondering why Americans are so angry and disjointed, why our politics are so far apart, you need go no further than the latest tax-payer debacle that’s called the 2.5 Trillion Dollar Covid Relief Bill. Why are these huge spending bills always rushed through, in the dead of night, or over a holiday week? The almost 6,000-page bill was passed along for a vote that left most unable to fully read it.