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Some Hospitals and Nursing Facilities Still Haven’t Gotten the CDC Memo


Pro-tip: Check the visitation and COVID guidelines prior to sending any loved one to a hospital or care facility these days. It’s well worth the extra research.

My family was blessed to not have to go to a healthcare facility at all during the 2020 lockdown. For those that had to endure the inability to visit family members, and for those who may have lost loved ones during that time, my heart goes out to you. As I begin to write this post, I fear what I write may come off as ungrateful. For all the hoops we have had to jump through and the complaints I have about the hoops, I still get to visit with my mom. I get to touch her hand, to laugh with her, and to make sure she’s being well-cared for. I do not take this for granted.  My sole purpose in this rant is to warn those who, like me, may be ignorant of the fact that all restrictions have NOT been lifted. Unlike last year, we have a choice. Different facilities are handling COVID restrictions in ways that reflect their own business policies, not governmental mandate. If visitation is a deciding factor for you, make sure you know the differences so that you can choose appropriately.