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The third in a series on what I take to be the best or second best political strategy on the market in terms of the strategy’s return on investment, and on what should be the contents of the bill or bills this strategy would require, and on what we can do to get started. I […]

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Obama’s Lawless Amnesty Foiled Again


5th-cirThe Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has rejected the Obama administration’s request that it be allowed to go forward with its scheme to amnesty several million illegal aliens without Congress’s permission.

Twenty-six states, led by Texas, sued to stop the president’s plans, which he announced in November, to issue work permits, Social Security numbers, driver’s licenses, and more to illegal immigrants who have U.S.-citizen or permanent-resident children.

In February, District Judge Andrew Hanen issued an injunction preventing the administration from going ahead with the amnesty until the issue had been fully adjudicated and it is that injunction which was kept in place by today’s Circuit Court ruling. The Justice Department could appeal this decision to the Supreme Court, though it hasn’t yet announced whether it will do so.

Obamacare Subsidies Ruled Illegal!


After holding us in suspense for almost two weeks beyond the expected date for the decision, a panel of the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled on Halbig v. Sebelius. In a 2-1 ruling, the court held that the text of the Affordable Care Act only allows subsidies for insurance policies purchased through state established exchanges. Thus, the subsidies currently being paid to those who purchased through the federal exchange (the overwhelming majority of all policies) are illegal.

This is a really big deal. Though the ruling will certainly be appealed, first to an en banc panel of the D.C. Circuit and then probably to the Supreme Court, Obamacare will essentially collapse if the panel’s ruling is upheld. Stay tuned.