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Winning in November by Burning Jobs Down


We are witnessing a coordinated campaign of domestic political violence intended to impose governing results that the leftist controlled Democrat Party fear they cannot get by the ballot box. We know, it is a matter of public record, that Democrat insiders were fearful that the economy would recover enough to yield President Trump’s reelection. If he is reelected, the Republicans likely hold the Senate and have a shot at the House. The Democrats will do whatever they think might stop that outcome. Period.

We have actual coordinated Black Shirts conducting devastating and destructive violence across the nation. The states have been given the chance to take the measure of their local elected leaders. Some have been weighed in the balance and found doubly wanting, by the pandemic response, and by the response to the oldest imperative of any government: providing basic security where its writ runs.

Now it is time for President Trump to vigorously exercise his full constitutional authority. We need street-level security and a large series of lightning pre-dawn raids executing federal warrants on the command and control and logistics/finance centers behind this insurrection. We need Lindsey Graham to shut up and focus on the deep state coup members, not serve as a useful idiot or fellow traveler by giving legitimacy to the lie of systemic police violence and racial injustice. Attorney General Barr seems quite capable of keeping all the balls in the air.

Corrupt Politicians Drawn to Corrupt Country? Ukraine an Attractive Nuisance?


Reportedly, Ukraine has been one of the most corrupt countries on the face of the Earth. This is likely not a matter of some sort of defective national character, but rather a consequence of their geography and the past century of politics. Today, Putin, Democrats, and the US Deep State leverage Ukraine’s vulnerability to their own ends.

Anne Applebaum has done the real research and written the hard truths to power about evil perpetrated by the Soviet Union, including in Ukraine. Consider this MacClean’s interview of Applebaum on publication of her latest book, Red Famine: Stalin’s War on Ukraine.

Q: Part of the history is that the Holodomor didn’t come out of the blue. There has been a long continuity of attitude in Moscow—a contempt for Ukrainian nationalism—running through the Czarist, Soviet and post-Soviet eras. One of the more striking instances of continuity was Lenin sending in Russian troops in Ukrainian disguise during the Civil War, which almost a century later became a Putin tactic.

Will Democrats End Up Agreeing It Was a Lynch Mob?


RatsPresident Trump used a perfectly good term, with a long non-racial history, despite the fraudulent posturing of Democrats (quickly exposed in their hypocrisy with an avalanche of examples) and TruCon lapdogs who took a break from potty-mouth tweets to posture against the Great Big Ugly Man and all of us who dare support him. At the same time, the deep state coup, now acknowledged and praised by the New York Times, beclowned itself as one of the chief rats started running. Attorney General Barr and his man on the case, DAG Durham, look like they will not pull punches, going for sunshine disinfectant instead of a cloud of stench-masking air fresheners to get the greasy, stale smoke odor out of the FBI, DOJ and intelligence agencies fleet. But, if you think that the end game is everyone rolling, or the buck stopping at President Obama’s desk, you would be wrong. In the end, the most we will get is “fact checkers” “proving” President Trump’s grammar was wrong.

As loudly as the Democrats and their media organs are playing fake Ukrainian folk music, they are trying to cover the discord of the real baseline, and no, it isn’t a symphony warming up. The intelligence community can hear Barr and the band running through “For Whom the Bells Toll” and “Thunderstruck” backstage.

Representatives Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) and Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) are still singing their impeachment cantata. But a huge orchestra, with plenty of brass (not to mention subpoena and prosecutorial power) has assembled and is tuning up. We’re told that Michael Horowitz’s much-anticipated inspector general’s report on the origins of the FISA warrants against American citizens, after numerous delays, will be released imminently, perhaps as soon as next week. Horowitz was quoted as saying it will be “very detailed” and feature “limited redactions.”

The 40-Year Itch


TrumpRoadrunnerIt has been 40 plus years since we last took a firehose to the stables of the “intelligence community.” Human being are still fallen, not new and improved. Our institutions, our creations, reflect our individual and collective limitations, our flaws. All conservatives used to know this, with the phrase “if men were angels…” not so far in the back of mind. Yet, for the past two decades, we have been treated to the doubtful claim that we can trust all our government employees to be faithful and wise servants.* The past few years, at least since the IRS assault on the Tea Party, have provided significant evidence to the contrary, and suggest that we need something like new Church Committee hearings.

The acting Director of National Intelligence, Joseph Maguire, implausibly testified to Congress that the “whistleblower” had integrity and no political intent. Anyone who read the declassified complaint, even without reading the telephone conversation memorialization, knew this was disingenuous nonsense. As has been laid out since Maguire’s testimony, this complaint was obviously fabricated by a lawyer or team of lawyers, not an ordinary CIA officer.

A former senior intelligence official, Fred Fleitz, puts it this way:

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The Epoch Times has taken to calling the shady business surrounding the 2016 election “Spygate”. By this they suggest there is a scandal. To the good, the title is brief and informative. To the bad, it is cliche and unimaginative. Worse is that “Spygate”, derivative from Watergate, appeals to the name to generate outrage. We […]

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