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Join Jim and Greg as they pop the popcorn and enjoy the left melting down on Twitter over the news that Elon Musk is officially running Twitter now. They also call out President Biden for the bald-faced lie that gas prices were above five dollars per gallon when he took office. And they give credit to the Washington Post for saying James Bennet was right in his standoff with the editorial department mob at the New York Times over an op-ed by Sen. Tom Cotton back in 2020.

Join Jim and Greg for one of the craziest Three Martini Lunches we’ve ever had! First, they dissect the ludicrous push to defend and dismantle police departments and react to Minneapolis City Council President Lisa Bender suggesting crime victims who would normally call the cops need to understand their privilege by not having police come. They also hammer public health “experts” for declaring that the racial justice protests are more important than stopping the coronavirus, but other protests should not go forward, and stay-at-home protests are rooted in white nationalism. And they chronicle the New York Times fully surrendering to the woke mob.

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America welcome Sen. Tom Cotton’s measured view of Russia, not hysterical but also not blind to Russia’s troubling record on many issues including their lack of participation in the war against radical Islam.  They also push back against columnists who don’t want Charleston murderer Dylann Roof executed because of childhood problems, societal issues or other possible factors in him committing the church murders.  And they discuss the the pickup truck question that had Twitter on fire earlier this week.

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Senator Tom Cotton is coming to Philadelphia this Friday to celebrate Flag Day. As a token of appreciation, the hosts are presenting him with a beautiful American flag and have invited those of us that will attend to sign the mounting (not the flag itself) with well wishes. There were approximately 100 signatures when I […]

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