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I say this from a blood-pressure self-care standpoint, specifically stemming from the Main Feed post by Locke On about the state of play in the Ukraine conflict.  (To say nothing of the tenor of about ninety-nine percent of the discussion thread.) Glad, at least, to have seen Hang On and Unsk bravely and doggedly taking […]

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Repent! The End is Near!


Well, not necessarily but…

There is a melancholy feeling of late. Somehow we are facing the end of western civilization. But is it really? For that matter, if it were the end, would we actually recognize it as such? Even a modest familiarity with world history tells us that we are hardly the first to face that question. It might be obvious if we were Romans in Britain in 410 AD, when the order came from Rome for the last legions to leave. Then a hard decision was needed; pack up and go, or stay and take your chances. Even more obvious would be to be in Constantinople in May 1453. Then Mehmet’s great gun pounding at the city walls would make the message clear.

Best Theory Yet on the Mar-A-Lago Raid


Andy McCarthy makes a good argument in the NY Post that the raid on Mar-A-Lago was an industrial-scale fishing expedition. For exactly what, I don’t know. I don’t think the DoJ knows either.

The left is terrified by the thought of PDT v2 (or PRDS, but they aren’t nearly as ready to act against him. DeSantis will have to wait, for now.) The Jan. 6 hearings are an embarrassing flop — they won’t stop Trump that way without something new.

Quote of the Day: Corruption


“The problem is not that the system has become corrupt, but that corruption has become the system.” – Joe Mannix

Today, over 60% of Americans view the Federal government as corrupt.  That is up from 44% in 2017, a dramatic rise. We see plenty of evidence of it every day; a two-tiered justice system, laws and government handouts that favor a small elite, casual disregard of statute law by federal officials. Even on local levels, it has become endemic.  No one is held responsible for rising crime in our big cities. Even in small-town America, accountability seems absent. Not one person has been fired over the screwups in Uvalde that led to the death of 19 children. Corruption has become the system.

The Deep State Loses Again


Rough week for the DOJ. First, a January 6th defendant is acquitted on the legal principle that you can’t convict someone of trespassing if you let them in in the first place, and now a jury has acquitted two defendants and deadlocked on two more in the Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping plot. Specifically, the kidnapping plot that was instigated by FBI undercover agents and paid informants. One of the FBI Agents involved in the case was subsequently arrested on domestic abuse charges.  

The FBI’s conduct in this case was egregious. The FBI and its informants instigated the plot, moved to entrap the participants, and tried to destroy exculpatory evidence

Join Jim and Greg as they roll their eyes at the overdue admission from the New York Times that the Hunter Biden laptop was not Russian misinformation, but a real story as the New York Post reported in October 2020. They shame the United Nations for being an expensive “Debate Society” that has proven itself completely useless in solving international issues. And despite its long record of evil, including the targeting and killing of American troops, Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps may soon lose its “Foreign Terrorist Organization” tag as part of the ongoing nuclear negotiations.

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I probably watch too many crime dramas. You know the type. Some drug lord gets what he or she wants by threatening a victim’ s family if they don’t do the drug lord’s bidding.  Or, alternatively, they act like China and pour money into some politician’s pocket or campaign to curry favor and make certain […]

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Join Jim and Greg as they assess the newest poll on the Florida governor’s race that shows Ron DeSantis with a solid lead. They also cheer as D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser drops the vaccine and mask mandates amid economic pressure and low COVID numbers. And Biden Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm refuses to answer questions about her stock holdings because, “The planet is warming faster than ever”.

Dear People of Color


Dear People of Color,

We of the Democratic Party would like to thank you for your support these past several decades. Your continuing loyalty to us is extraordinarily generous and all the more so because, let’s face it, we’ve certainly never earned your trust, loyalty, or gratitude.

Illinois Flooded with Ex-Governors as Prisons Emptied Over Coronavirus Concerns


Springfield, Ill – The Land of Lincoln has been inundated with a rising tide of former governors as state penitentiaries released hundreds of convicts over concerns of the latest Covid variant Omicron, referred to by local residents as “Omi-crony.” In Chicago, residents were forced to evacuate their homes as basements became flooded with the likes of George Ryan (R., racketeering) and Rod Blagojevich (D., lying to federal agents.)

Downstate, what few residents remain in the formerly thriving port city of Cairo, were forced onto rooftops as the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers overflowed their banks with the addition of former Illinois governors Otto Kerner (D., mail fraud, conspiracy, perjury) and Dan Walker (D., bank fraud, filing false financial statements.)

At press time, current Illinois governor and billionaire J.B. Pritzker had declared a state of emergency in order to receive federal funds for purchasing a new home on high ground.

Quote of the Day: Capitalism and Socialism


“Under capitalism, the rich grow powerful. Under socialism, the powerful grow rich — and everyone else grows poor.” – Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit)

Why is socialism growing more powerful in the United States? Because it directly benefits the gentry class: those running the country and those supporting them. This includes not just the political elite, but also the upper-middle-class, credentialed workers who work white-collar jobs – management and technology. The folks who can work remotely and get all their wants and needs delivered to their door.

Mollie’s Doing It Again


Mollie Hemingway wrote a solid, well-researched book on the Kavanaugh hearings, and now it looks like she’s going to do it again to the 2020 election: “Mollie Hemingway Is Writing the 2020 Election Book the Media Don’t Want You to Read.”

The book will include interviews from lawyers, campaign activists, and election officials who were on the ground in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin, and other swing states. It will include discussions with elected lawmakers from across the country, including senators and members of Congress, about the importance of election integrity.

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It’s my contention that the presidential election on Nov 3 was clearly and without a doubt stolen by the Democratic Party and it’s allies including social media like Facebook, the voting machine companies and even allies in the US government like the FBI. The Democrats are trying to cement their thievery for future elections in […]

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Lying to Ourselves


We have a problem with our federal government, but it’s not exactly the one we’re used to thinking about. Frankly, we don’t want to think about it all – better to deny the reality entirely.  Easier to lie and lie and lie, and blame our problems on everyone else.  Easier to blame Liberals, or Wokesters, or (the current favorite among the increasingly reality-averse folks who still cannot face that Trump has immolated himself once and for all time) traitors and sabotage.  It is, of course, all lies.  Mind you, lies can be useful – especially when trying to avoiding hurt feelings (our own not the least), but they’re still lies.  At one time rebellions against ruling monarchs favored the lie “We’re not really rebelling against the King, he’s just the victim of bad advisors.” 

The lie we all tell ourselves today is that we are the helpless victims of “The DC Establishment” (or whatever other term you want to use).  Synonyms for this include “Wall Street,” “Big Tech,” and a host of others.  They are the “bad advisors” we blame for manipulating Congress, for stealing elections, or for disloyalty to Trump (fact check here: the only consistent disloyalty in the Trump administration came from Trump – watching his cabinet members go from vaunted heroes to filthy traitors and sellouts in the commentariat was much akin to studying Soviet photography for disappearing faces alongside Stalin).  We are very good at lying to ourselves about why Trump lost this or that political battle, about why Congress is a dysfunctional mess, and about why the “authoritarian ratchet” is inexorable.  The truth we cannot confront about it is all is simple, and we all bear the shame of it.  We do not really want any of our congress critters, our president, or our courts to lead us out of our morass, we want them to follow us into the pit of our own making.  And follow they blithely do.

Join Jim and Greg as they discuss Joe Biden now promising to create a bipartisan commission to study reforming the courts and Jim explains why he thinks this is Biden’s way of letting the idea die. They also weigh in on Sacha Baron Cohen’s attempt to portray Rudy Giuliani as acting lewd with a minor and how Rudy could probably use better judgment. And they take a long look at the growing scandal involving Joe and Hunter Biden’s business dealings and why this is a big problem for Biden even if he wins the election.

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I mean this post to be a continuation of @LoisLane‘s excellent discussion recently about why Joe Biden seems to receive fewer demerits for behavior that is facial similar to, or worse than, that of the president.  I think this morning’s court-packing news casts that conversation in a new light.  Preview Open

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As @brianwatt posted a bit ago, Senator Lindsey Graham released this letter today from Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe regarding Crossfire Hurricane. Assuming I am understanding it correctly, this appears to be more or less what happened: FBI/CIA [to Obama/Biden]: “Clinton is fabricating a Trump-Russia collusion scandal, Russia knows about it and fabricated this […]

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