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Academia is broken and needs reform. Much of higher education is thoroughly corrupted by ideology and groupthink, including the STEM Departments, and instead of educated, well-rounded national and global citizens and scholars, are churning out mindlessly chanting, self-righteous, totalitarian, and censorious ignoramuses.

Clearly, just waiting for employment and taxation {chortle} to rectify so many years of maleducation and indoctrination is not a solution. Therefore, more active measures are needed.

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My word! Sometimes, truth is stranger than fiction. From The Onion‘s companion site, the American Philosophical Association’s blog: [T]his [expletive]-in-chief’s objective is to dismantle the relationships this country has to its democratic institutions, the idea that through a critical discussion we can get closer to the truth. The US with all its flaws played an essential role within the […]

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