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Two years ago, in the height of the “me too” movement, then Judge Brett Kavanaugh was accused of sexual misconduct by Christine Blasey Ford. Ford accused Kavanaugh of attempted rape at a high school gathering when she was 15 and he was 17. Ford stated that this alleged event had haunted her periodically throughout her […]

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In Money Terms, Democratic Party Bigwigs Won in 2016


The road that the DNC is currently on, and refuses to move off of, certainly will result in a repeat of 2016’s election some three years hence. Their strategy guarantees a two-term President Trump. The people at the top of the DNC, however, will again be big winners, as so much money gets siphoned off the campaign funding. (And calling it “campaign funding” is a stretch, because so much of this is about the livelihoods of those at the top of the DNC. If you work there, you’re able to “make bank.”)

As perhaps many of us who are educating ourselves about “free elections” know, last year, Hillary Rodham Clinton had a $1.2 billion war chest by which she propelled herself into becoming the shoo-in candidate for the presidency. In a sense, the massive amounts of money her campaign had to spend on their candidate was a hindrance. The campaign was so overloaded with money that staff at the campaign headquarters were able to purchase not only various pollsters’ services but even allowed them to purchase the fudging of the results.