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Friday Food and Drink Post: Before There Was AllRecipes, There Were Cookbooks!


And I’m a sucker for cookbooks. My favorites are the ones with personal touches, personal stories, and family recipes. In all of those veins, some of my “go-to” volumes are Nigella, Jennifer Brennan, Jamie Oliver, M.F.K Fisher, and Julia Child. In addition, when I’m visiting foreign climes, and if at all possible, I like to bring a local cookbook home with me. Here’s my rack. (Men of Ricochet, those of you whose minds live in the gutter, rise above!) Click to embiggen if you would like to read the spines. It’s the result of over half-a-century of collecting, and of occasional heartrending refinement, because I only have so much room:

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In silent homage to my father, I leaf through the prospectuses I get from the mutual funds I have invested in. I fear however that it is also stupid homage: unlike Dad, I don’t even pretend I understand what I’m seeing. I appreciate the openness of the funds’ stewards, but I am willing to presume […]

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