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If I understand this report by LifeSite correctly, SCOTUS has kicked the case back down with hope but no guarantee of an acceptable compromise.  The U.S. Supreme Court this morning chose not to make a ruling in Zubik v. Burwell about whether the Obama administration’s controversial HHS mandate violated federal law. [….] Preview Open

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A Time to Offer Choice


The lie that works is the lie with at least a particle of truth.

This is the case with the outraged feminist response to the Hobby Lobby ruling. Conservatives were frozen in disbelief in 2012 as the “war on women” campaign swept in votes for Obama, and they are equally amazed now as the Democrats plan to make Hobby Lobby a campaign issue. How can it possibly work?

The Libertarian Podcast: Hobby Lobby, ObamaCare, and Religious Liberty


On this week’s installment of The Libertarian Podcast, I lead Professor Epstein through a discussion of the challenges to Obamacare’s contraception mandate currently before the Supreme Court. Is the right to religious liberty different (or non-existent) for corporations as opposed to individuals? Would allowing non-participation in the mandate create a slippery slope towards opt-out government? Is the Obama Administration’s case actually weakened by the fact that it’s already granted exemptions to explicitly religious organizations? Those are just a few of the questions Richard answers in this week’s episode