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I wrote this less than 10 hours before the UK officially left the EU. Hooray! For most Americans, who have seen the political and social havoc that Brexit has wrought from a distance and at intervals, I’m sure this seems like the inevitable, albeit, long conclusion to a rocky process. But living on the ground, even compared to the experiences of the most well-informed non-Brits, is an entirely different experience.

In lectures, tutorials, and railway stopping protests, Brexit has been continually hashed out over the last two years. Every time a cabinet minister or prominent MP comes to visit our uni Tory Society, he or she is bombarded with Brexit related questions, to almost the exclusion of domestic policy. Bringing high school friends to Parliament last summer came with a man wearing a Boris mask and a Union Jack leotard shouting about the French, and a troop of be-started pro-EU protests singing about trade policy. We’ve watched two prime ministers be felled, hosted contentious debates from the highest placed on both sides at Union, and seen the pound flail in value. In short, it has been an exhausting and deeply divisive two years.


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There’s an interesting quote embedded in this interview with the leader of Canada’s Conservative party.

“I believe the problem with Liberals is that they don’t care about the results of their policies, they just care about the intentions that they show. They wrap themselves up in emotion and sending a signal about what they care about. The effects of their policies are usually terrible but they try to gloss over that.


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If Donald Trump can lead America, why can’t a “Shark” lead Canada? US audiences know Kevin O’Leary from his regular appearances on the popular ABC show “Shark Tank.” Entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to O’Leary and three other investors, hoping to gain capital and an influential business partner. While some of the other sharks encourage the struggling presenters and gently offer advice, O’Leary will torch ideas he finds stupid and undercut his fellow panelists at the last second, all the while wearing his Great White grin and calling himself “Mr. Wonderful.”

On Wednesday, O’Leary offered himself as a Conservative Party nominee to become Prime Minister of Canada, his home country. “Canada cannot afford another four years of Justin Trudeau,” O’Leary said. “I am a successful Canadian businessman with a great deal of international experience. I have seen first-hand Trudeau’s gross economic mismanagement, and the effect it is having on our country.”