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The End of Fox News?


carlson_vansusterenWith the news today that not only will 21st Century Fox be shelling out $20 million to Gretchen Carlson, but that Greta Van Susteren will be giving up her show immediately in favor of Brit Hume, one wonders how many days it will take for the whole of the network to implode.

What this portends for conservative media in the short- and long-term remains to be seen though it looks like this particular 20-year reign is over.

As the lurid and disgusting details come out, the question that needs to be asked: can the conservative movement, which makes all kinds of claims concerning morality and proper values, continue to support an organization that not only supported Ailes’ profligacy, but shunned those who sought to shine light on the problem.

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David French wrote an article with the thesis that Fox News has helped create a conservative cocoon that has hurt Republicans in presidential elections. Ben Domenech has a response here. I feel that Domenech missed French’s point. 1) The conservative cocoon isn’t just Fox News it is also talk radio and conservative news sites such […]

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Republican Self-Sabotage


shutterstock_193802486The latest CBS poll suggests that the Trump juggernaut continues to roll, with 35 percent of Republicans supporting him. Ted Cruz, his nearest rival, garners 18 percent. Jeb Bush, the candidate who should have been the obvious choice if conventional wisdom about money and politics were even remotely true, is dead last with 4 percent. In vain does Ted Cruz protest that Donald Trump is not a conservative. Among those who describe themselves as “very conservative,” 35 percent favor Trump versus 30 percent for Cruz, and 12 percent for Rubio.

In South Carolina, Trump is ahead among the evangelical voters Ted Cruz targeted as his savior army that would rise up to carry a true conservative to victory. According to a Fox News poll (2/18), Trump leads Cruz 31 percent to 23 percent among evangelical Christians. And while Cruz leads among those who identify as “very conservative” it’s a razor-thin edge (well within the margin of error).

As in New Hampshire, Trump leads nationally among a broad swath of voters. Not only those with just a high school diploma (47 percent), but also those with some college (33 percent), and college graduates (25 percent). He is the preference of men and women, and among all income groups including those earning more than $100,000.

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A halfway decent movie about ranchers and cartels on the unprotected border? It’s no joke.  The Arroyo is slow and dry like a desert day. It’s straightforward like an honest Texan, with simple characters and few twists. But it’s compelling enough to maintain interest in the blunt dialog and brutal truths it carries.  Preview Open

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When Conservative Media Isn’t quite Conservative


6142826975_d1d89d3dee_zThe news media website known as “Rare” has been the subject of at least a fair amount of debate since its creation, but the real questions started coming up when there was a mass exodus of staff members that were arguably the conservative heart of the organization. While I’ve been known to make my opinion known about this site in conversations among fellow conservatives offline, I’ve generally stayed away from making online commentaries, with few exceptions [2].

Cox Media set out to create a conservative narrative, and they invested a fair amount of money to do it. Of course, the media giant is generally liberal, like many other broadcasting industry conglomerates. It shouldn’t have been a surprise that Rare wouldn’t necessarily end up being particularly conservative.

But, in the beginning, they did manage to convince at least a few conservative writers to contribute, including me. After writing four generally “fluffy” pieces for them, and having a totally innocuous one refused for being “too edgy,” I decided it wasn’t worth my time to try to divine what the “editorial vision” was for the site. I know I wasn’t alone in that general opinion, and all I knew in the end was that whatever was going on behind the scenes, it didn’t match what was being said publicly.

Newsmax Goes Satellite


shutterstock_137593505I’m not a regular reader of Newsmax, the conservative-leaning news website, but I know a lot of folks who are. The Newsmax logo is all over the center-right web. And the writing is top-notch.

I don’t know what their demographics are — I suspect they’re, um, older — but this, I think, is good news for all of us. From Newsmax:

Focused on serving an audience of more than 80 million disenfranchised Baby Boomers, Newsmax Media, Inc.’s Newsmax TV has signed a distribution deal with DirecTV and is accelerating toward a national launch that expects to reach 40 percent of U.S. cable and satellite homes by the end of this year.