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A Real Face of Privilege?


Amidst the various assertions that many of us have “privilege” because of our race or our sex, and claims that a single photograph of a person is evidence of privilege (see Nicholas Sandmann of Covington Catholic High School), our acquaintances over at The Daily Wire report a story with a 4 minute video showing a face of someone who truly did think she could rely on the privilege she assumed she had. (Warning on the video – she uses some vulgar terminology.)

ISIS Mother Pleads to Return—to Alabama


We knew this would happen. All the men and women who were excited about fighting for ISIS wanted to be involved with the ISIS cause and they went to fight in Syria. And now one of them wants to come home with her child.

Hoda Muthana went to Syria in 2014; she was one of 1,500 foreign women and the only American staying in a Kurdish-run refugee camp. She was married three times and widowed twice. And now she has an 18-month old son. She is asking to return to the United States.

Member Post


My father and I have a lot in common. We like the same movies, the same music. We both have a sarcastic, cynical streak and yet, we’ve been known to tear up at a Folger’s commercial. (C’mon, that classic where the soldier surprises his family for the holidays? Makes me all misty.) We laugh at […]

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