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Here’s Why You Should Care About the Gay Pride Shirt Case at the Kentucky Supreme Court


The Kentucky Supreme Court will hear arguments on behalf of Hands On Originals owner Blaine Adamson on Aug. 23.For Blaine Adamson, there’s no separating his beliefs from his work. His Christian faith is what guides and drives him. It’s what makes Blaine who he is at home, in his community, and in his business.

Blaines’ faith is why his promotional print shop, Hands On Originals, provides otherwise unemployed women in Uganda with a steady income by hiring them to create hand-woven baskets, which they then give away to customers to raise awareness for the struggles these women face on a daily basis.

But this same faith that motivates Blaine toward generosity is the reason why he has had to defend himself in court over the past seven years. The latest stop is today at the Kentucky Supreme Court. There, the justices will decide whether Blaine is allowed to decline to print messages that violate his faith.

Richard Epstein describes the dramatic failure of the federal government’s attempts to balance anti-discrimination laws against religious liberty protections.