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Don’t Buy RepubliCan’t Posturing


red green capitalWe are supposed to be shocked, shocked! We should be, but at the cynical purveyors of another story spun to deflect from full force electoral pressure on the House and Senate RepubliCan’t Conferences. Shame on Katie Pavlich at Townhall for playing their game in “Wait, That’s How the FBI Labeled the Attempted Assassination of Republicans on a Baseball Field?” The FBI willfully, falsely categorized the 2017 leftist premeditated mass-assassination attempt, targeting Republican senators and congressmen, as “suicide by cop.” J. Edgar’s boys continued their corrupt culture by brazenly ignoring left-wing deadly political violence, part of cooking their books against the forgotten Americans, against whose champions the FBI was already in full seek-and-destroy mode in 2017. So, we should be outraged.


If you read past the headlines and tweets, you find a very inconvenient truth. The Congressional RepubliCAN’Ts had this information almost immediately, as the FBI brazenly briefed its lies in November 2017. Calling the FBI on its fraud, on its failure to honestly characterize and so focus resources on actual threats to Republican members of Congress, would have threatened the Russia hoax and RepubliCAN’T leader collusion with Democrats in seeking to undo or at least stifle the forgotten Americans’ electoral command, expressed in their shocking 2016 victory. So, it did not matter that Congressman Scalise was nearly killed and going through a series of surgeries, with a long and painful rehabilitation ahead of him. What mattered was protecting Speaker Lyin’ Ryan as he colluded with Democrats and Mitch and the Gang over in the Senate to defy the American people and bring them back to heel as mere election pawns in the Crony Capitalism game.