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Conflict Coffee?


A few years ago, my company was forced to spend millions of dollars proving that our products do not contain “conflict minerals,” or raw materials produced in war zones. A fool’s errand, if you ask me, because it is nearly impossible to prove where all of the raw materials used in any product originated.

I was just in my local Starbucks, and I noticed they have a small blackboard where they list “Starbucks Reserve Coffees.” One of today’s Reserve selections is D. R. Congo Kawa Kabuya.

Land of the Free and the “Substantially Unmoved” by Genocide


John Mueller, a senior fellow at the Cato Institute, is, according to his bio, a leading expert on terrorism and particularly on the reactions (or over-reactions) it often inspires. Recently, in The Week, he wrote this rather remarkable essay: Why the ISIS threat is totally overblown. What is wrong with us these days, he wonders?

Americans had remained substantially unmoved by even worse human catastrophes in the past, such as genocide in Cambodia in the 1970s and in Rwanda in 1994, as well as sustained criminal predation in eastern Congo in the years after 1997.