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Five Things Your IT Guy Wants You to Know


shutterstock_2581956531. You aren’t an auto-mechanic, either…

… but you know how to drive your car. That’s why we call you “users”: because you use the computer and that doesn’t mean you have to be a computer expert. Some things you should know how to do: find an application that isn’t on your desktop, create a shortcut, know the difference between copying files and moving files, clear jammed paper from a printer. It isn’t our job to teach you to use Excel. If you don’t know how vlookup works, consult Google. We don’t use excel, except once a year to calculate 1.5% of $21.

2. There’s nothing you can break…

On IT Evolution and Moore’s Law


ArtificialIntel_8_10_2015-e1439220952351Intel now says that the technological “cadence” of Moore’s Law is “now closer to 2.5 years than two.” Irving Wladawsky thinks that a semiconductor stutter-step could be signaling a new era approaching:

The Cambrian geological period marked a profound change in life on Earth. Before it, most organisms were very simple, composed of individual cells and simple multi-cell organisms sometimes organized into colonies, such as sponges. After a couple of billion years, evolution deemed the cell to be good-enough, that is, it’s continued refinement did not translate into an evolutionary advantage.

Then around 550 million years ago a dramatic change took place, which is known as the Cambrian Explosion. Evolution essentially took off in a different direction, leading to the development of all kinds of complex life forms. “Over the following 70 to 80 million years, the rate of diversification accelerated by an order of magnitude and the diversity of life began to resemble that of today.”

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I am very wary to upgrade our computers from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Besides the early adopter bugs commonly experienced, the privacy issues look alarming.  With the large number of experienced IT Ricochetti, I wanted to know others opinions before we click “install”. Preview Open

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Why We Still Need Feminism, Despite Some Feminists



You can find a feminist commentator to make a stupid remark on anything with the most tenuous connection to male and female roles. You can find a commentator to make a stupid remark about just about anything to do with the sexes from just about any angle. Those comments unfortunately are often then used to tar broad categories of people.

But feminism — sensible, worthwhile, life-affirming feminism — is clearly a task yet to be completed. Witness the child’s book Barbie: (I Can Be) A Computer Engineer. In brief, this wannabe computer engineer can “design” computer games, but needs boys to make them work, gets her notebook computer infected with a virus, infects her sister’s computer with the virus, gets the boys at school to fix her and her sister’s computers, and then takes credit herself.

What Was Your First Computer Experience?


I was talking to one of the kids I work with (I think he’s like 25 or something) and we were talking about the first computers we ever used.

The first time I ever saw a computer in real life was probably in 1985 or 1986.  I was in first grade.  They brought it in.  They explained this would be the computer for the class room.  They showed us how to boot it up (with a 5 inch floppy).  The program that it ran was what I found our many years later to be some kind of CADD.  It had a little triangle called a “turtle” and it could draw lines.  If you wanted it to turn one way you typed in a 90.  Which I thought at the time was an odd code that I should probably write down.

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Today I decided to switch from Firefox to Opera.  If you’re wondering why, go read here and here. My point is not to rehash that controversy, but rather to create a thread for other members who have decided to give Opera a try to share any issues, tips, or cool features we might encounter in the […]

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