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The Z-Man; It Starts With Me, And You


I think now is a good time to rerun this post. There is a better path to follow, and we have to find it.

On a grey cold Sunday morning a Portland police officer was on his way to Northeast Precinct to begin his workday. At approximately 6:30 am his truck broke down on the freeway. He got out of the truck to analyze the problem and was struck and killed by a semi-truck. Officer Mark Zylawy died on that January 27, 2008 Sunday morning.

Steven Malanga joins Seth Barron to discuss the dismal economic and fiscal health of New Jersey, where individual and corporate taxes are among the highest in the country and business confidence ranks among the lowest of the 50 states. Jersey also has one of America’s worst-funded government-worker pension systems, which led its leaders in 2017 to divert state-lottery proceeds intended for K-12 and higher education to its pension system.

When Governor Phil Murphy wanted to boost taxes on individuals earning more than $1 million, he claimed that they needed to pay their “fair share.” Murphy signed a budget hiking taxes by about $440 million. But as the recent controversy surrounding a soccer team owned by the governor reminds us, it’s easy to show compassion when you’re using other people’s money.

‘He’s Someone in a Uniform That Cares’


Bashing cops seems to be all the rage these days. While the bad apples garner most of the press — and even good officers are portrayed as monsters — most law enforcement personnel quietly go about their jobs keeping our community safe.

A group called NationSwell tells the story of one unsung hero. Sgt. Steve Wick leads the Homeless Outreach Team, a group of Houston police and mental health case workers who work with that city’s homeless population. The group responds to complaints associated with homelessness, but also helps these people locate help and shelter.