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Flying Cars


I’m sitting in a hotel room in New Hampshire, on a business trip to spend a few days with my biggest client. I’ll spend the next few days making machines move, the aspect of software writing that I enjoy the most.

A few minutes ago, I received a message from a friend in Ghana. He’s a doctor, building a hospital clinic in a rural and underserved portion of the country. I asked him, a few days ago, what he needed most desperately. He tells me it’s reinforced steel bar and concrete. (I’ve watched him and his workers making their own bricks, baking mud in the sun. Apparently that doesn’t work for every aspect of construction.)

How Not To Be a Press Secretary


Case in Point: Unforced Errors by Jennifer Psaki

“How To” books are a dime a dozen and cover every imaginable topic, or so it seems. But one might think another genre would also be popular, even important: “How Not To” publications. That advice can often prove more valuable. It can at least help one avoid missteps.

Coronavirus Briefing Programming Shakeup?


President Trump cut the daily briefing down to under 30 minutes on Friday. He then had the White House coronavirus task force take a break from briefing the public over the weekend. This was a good pause without important news to share. Now there has been some internal debate and a report that the scheduled briefing was off until later in the week. That report was then superseded by a report that the briefing is back on, scheduled to start at 5 pm Eastern Time. The live event clock is running on YouTube.

There is reporting, with Kayleigh McEnany on the record, that President Trump is retooling the event. It is probably time for recalibration and show formula freshening, judgments Donald J. Trump well understands. Whatever the case, this bit of off-screen drama should help hold or push viewership higher today. Substantively, today’s briefing is supposed to focus on a COVID-19 testing blueprint.

To add to the intrigue, the White House just published a short video with Admiral Giroir, M.D., in his Uniformed Public Health Service uniform, finally speaking with the voice of authority for the full definition of public health. This was published today, Monday.

Member Post


Mark Davis, DFW area Salem Radio host, has been interviewing, via Skype, an American couple who were honeymooning on the Diamond Princess. Tyler and Rachel Torres are still doing well, and starting their new quarantine on one of the military bases in the San Antonio area. Tyler Torres has been updating a Reddit post, providing […]

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Tired of Winning Yet?


President Trump’s White House team has been doing an excellent job with the official Whitehouse website and YouTube channel, posting relevant information, attractively presented. Here are snapshots of the homepage captured Wednesday, December 11:

Engaging the Enemy


Van is a spitfire. She is a dedicated conservative and she loves this country. She left Vietnam with her family right after the war. She is an entrepreneur, having started several businesses, and now in her senior years runs a nail business (does fingers and toes, as my husband would say) from her home, and does my nails. I’ve known her for more than ten years, so we know each other pretty well. The other day she stunned me with a story of bravery and determination. And it wasn’t about leaving Vietnam.

Van has mostly senior customers from all walks of lives, an assortment of religions or no-religions, and many cultures, ethnicities, and races. I’m going to share her story as she told it to me the other day, in her inimitable style:

So I’m talking to my customer about many things, and I asked her why she calls herself an African-American. Why? She is an American! She isn’t from Africa and she doesn’t have family from Africa, so why doesn’t she just call herself an American? I don’t call myself a Vietnamese-American!

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America applaud Defense Secretary James Mattis for telling CBS News that he doesn’t lose sleep over anything but makes other people lose sleep.  They also scratch their heads over Jared Kushner allegedly discussing a secret communications channel with Moscow during the Trump transition and wonder why a real estate guy is dealing with national security.  They shudder a bit as Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly says people wouldn’t leave the house if they knew what he knows about terrorism.  And they are not exactly teary as they discuss the death of former Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega.