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Join Jim and Greg as they are glad to see a new poll showing the Ohio Senate race narrowly favoring the GOP. They also grimace as the Fed expects inflation to stay stubbornly high for awhile – even with persistent interest rate hikes. And they fire back at former NSA and CIA Director Gen. Michael Hayden for absurdly agreeing that Republicans in the U.S. are the most “nihilistic, dangerous, and contemptible group” recently seen anywhere in the world.

When Is Crime Criminal?


Poor Cletus. He doesn’t have any money. What’s a felon to do?

Cletus goes down to the 7-11 and sticks a gun in Mr. Maloney’s face and says “give me all your cash.” The manager complies, turns over the money, and Cletus walks out with it. It’s December 20, 2020, and Cletus needs to buy a few presents. Everyone understands even if they don’t condone the behavior. Desperate people do desperate things. That’s why 7-11 has cameras.

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For almost three years James Comey, then Director of the FBI, insisted to Congress and the public that the Steele Dossier (Hillary Clinton’s opposition research on the Trump campaign created by Christopher Steele a former British spy) was not the sole basis for spying on the Trump campaign as part of a counter-espionage investigation. He […]

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No bad martinis in sight today. Nope, we’ve got all crazy ones for you!  Today, Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America shake their heads as outspoken liberal Golden State Warriors Coach Steve Kerr suddenly has no opinion on China throwing a fit over one pro-Hong Kong tweet from a general manager in the league.  They also roll their eyes as CBS announces it will be making a miniseries out of former FBI Director James Comey’s book about his career.  And they react to the very different opinions of GOP Trump challengers Joe Walsh and Mark Sanford, as Walsh demands impeachment and Sanford says he will probably vote for Trump if the president wins the GOP nomination next year.

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It dies screaming in broad daylight on CNN, NBC, CBS, etc. The DOJ is refusing to prosecute Comey! I’m sick of all the charades, lies, and duplicity in Washington. The tree of liberty is dying of a massive drought; somewhere there’s a wall with Comey’s name on it, or there should be. Other names should […]

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If They Won’t Indict Jim Comey…


Many of us are experiencing a myriad of emotions over Attorney General Barr’s decision not to prosecute James Comey: rage, disillusionment, disgust, resignation. I suggest two things, however, that might yet take place.

First, there could still be indictments down the line. I’m hoping that AG Barr is putting together the strongest possible case to put Comey in jail, if only for a short time.

Better yet (perhaps), I am waiting for the day when AG Barr decides to hold a press conference. Unlike James Comey who inappropriately announced the decisions on Hillary Clinton’s illegal acts, AG Barr is authorized to make this kind of decision.

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America discuss reports that the Justice Department’s Inspector General plans to allege former FBI Director James Comey lied to Trump about the Russia investigation and even spied on him. They also relish Bernie Sanders acknowledging reality as he bumps up staffers’ hourly pay by cutting back on their hours. And they debate Wendy Davis’ electoral prospects in Texas as she launches a run for Congress.

Eight Days In May–Rosenstein Did Wear a Wire and Discuss Using the 25th Amendment to Remove the President of the United States


I had written a slightly sarcastic post about how it was our civic duty as American citizens to rush out and read the latest book by a member of the Swamp, and how their families could probably use the money in the future when all appeal delays  have expired after criminal proceedings have been wrapped up, and then I read Byron York’s piece of this morning, and Powerline’s comment on the same, and saw the book in a whole new light.

I strenuously urge a reading of York’s discussion of the number of suspicions and speculations some of McCabe’s book confirms, such as:

“If it’s all true, that is, if revelations in an upcoming book by former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe are accurate. The bottom line on that is that, at least from what we know now, McCabe’s story seems consistent with information congressional investigators have been able to glean elsewhere.”

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America celebrate another free speech victory coming out of the Supreme Court as it ruled against a Minnesota law that banned political apparel at the polls. They also remain confused at President Donald Trump’s praise for the murderous North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-Un. And they look at the initial details of the long-anticipated Inspector’s General report about Comey, Lynch, and the Hillary Clinton private server investigation.

Swamp Creatures Assemble!


In Gotham, the villainous Master Disrupter Donald Trump descended the escalator from the dark and frightening past. Long thought to be forever vanquished on the day the oceans’ rise began to slow, the McDonalds-fueled old white male of too-much girth and too-long ties sent the Washington Establishment scrambling for a plan to vanquish their great nemesis.

Pressing the button beneath desk in the Oval Office, President Obama illuminated the night sky with the Deep State Signal depicting a haloed James Comey clenching a FISA warrant in his raised fist and the words “Quae sunt circa quam est hic” (“The Way Things Are Done Around Here”).

Meanwhile, on the campaign trail, Hillary Clinton responded to a question from a reporter with an ultrasonic cackle heard only by the administrative state which was understood by all to mean “Swamp Creatures assemble!”

Scooter Libby on the John Batchelor Show


Scooter Libby was interviewed by John Batchelor and Monica Crowley about his pardon. It appears that Jim Comey’s MO is consistent. He got AG John Ashcroft to recuse himself and appointed Patrick Fitzgerald to investigate the supposed unmasking of Valerie Plame.

The case was the ultimate nothingburger; Plame didn’t fit the statutory definition of an undercover agent. But they wanted to get Cheney. Fitzgerald soon found out that Richard Armitage, an opponent of the Iraq war, had leaked her name. But Libby was a more attractive target since he worked for Cheney. He got Libby convicted but key witness Judith Miller eventually realized that she had been deceived by the prosecution and Libby was innocent.

Washington’s Bipartisan War On Federalism


The scowling face of the State

With all the talk about America’s vanishing consensus, there remains one major issue which both sides of the aisle are in full agreement: the urgent need to yoke one’s political agenda to the awesome power of the federal government.

Want to know if you can keep your doctor? What about your lightbulb? Your same-sex spouse? Your weed? Better consult with Washington.

The Swamp Strikes Back


Disgraced FBI chief James Comey’s tortured explanation of his bizarre official conduct before and after the 2016 election aptly reflects the murky atmosphere in The Swamp, where Comey has long resided.

In his televised interview by Clinton Democrat George Stephanopoulos Sunday night to promote his new book, Comey, the Beltway Nostradamus, sanctimoniously declared President Trump to be “morally unfit” for the office he holds.

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During the past couple of decades we have seen numerous cases of people being accused of lying to federal authorities under questionable circumstances. Scooter Libby got caught up in the Valerie Plame investigation. I think he was railroaded and Bush left him largely to fry. Now Michael Flynn is caught in a similar trap. It […]

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Under the heading “You cannot make this stuff up!”, we will have to file this unbelievable, in the true sense of that word, headline: Seriously? Crooked Comey Quotes Scripture to Taunt Trump Over Mueller Witch Hunt Seems that the man who was until recently everybody’s favorite Eagle Scout, has now taken to quoting Scripture and […]

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WSJ: James Comey and Robert Mueller Imperil the Rule of Law


There is an excellent analysis in Tuesday’s Wall Street Journal illustrating in a chillingly frightening way how the enormously conflicted Comey and Mueller are endangering the American Rule of Law. The author compares it to the insane chase after Scooter Libby in the Valerie Plame case, when the actual blameworthy person had been identified months before the investigation was even opened.

Likewise, there is a frantic search by Mueller and his pack of Obama-Clinton sycophants to find something, anything, on President Trump, considering every business dealing he ever had or any friend of his ever had, or anything any member of his family ever did. Not to mention Comey’s probably-criminal usurpation of the proper role of the Lynch “Justice” Department in declaring, with no legal authority to do so, Madame Secretary’s “innocence” in the e-mail scandal. The author shows a clear pattern of favoring Democrat targets over Republicans.

The Mainstream Media Can’t Be Bothered with Silliness


Reporting on a 13-month-old story is always difficult, as most people have moved on in their lives. Sometimes I believe that is exactly why the Federal Government takes so long to process Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) requests, especially ones being requested from the Right side of the political spectrum.

So, let’s travel back to June of 2016. Hillary was in big trouble over emails and servers and whatnot, and it could potentially result in the end of her Presidential campaign if indictments were handed down by the Department of Justice. This all depended on what the FBI had to say about it, courtesy of a certain Director named James Comey.

Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America celebrate the liberation of Mosul from ISIS control and the tightening of the noose around ISIS in Syria as well. They also discuss reports that former FBI Director James Comey’s memos on conversations with President Trump contain classified information. And they lightheartedly critique Donald Trump Jr.’s account of a fruitless meeting between top Trump campaign officials and a Russian lawyer who claimed to have dirt on Hillary Clinton but really wanted to talk about adoption policy.