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The Color of Time


Time has innumerable facets that go beyond the human construct it provides for us to manage our lives. I’ve always had difficulty holding onto my understanding of ideas such as “space-time” or “light-years” but here on earth, time has always had a mysterious and intriguing quality.

Our thoughts are guided by many aspects of time. I often say to myself that I don’t have enough time. Or that it takes too much time to accomplish something. Or that time seems to pass so slowly, or that it races by at warp speed.

Time weaves through some of our days like a close friend; at other times, it seems to darken our days like our worst enemy. We can’t count on time, because it marches along relentlessly, regardless of our needs or desires for it. It answers to its own drummer, consistent and predictable, and we do our best to manage it, but somehow it streams independent of our expectations. We think we have enough time to do something, and time runs out. Or we wish for a reasonable amount of time for decisions to be made, trying to be patient and reasonable. But our hopes for time in our life, and the hopes and actions of others, often decide whether time will cooperate with us or defy us. It is impossible to predict or control time precisely, no matter how we try, because others often have the last word about time’s passing.

Winter of Our Discontent and the Balm of Color and Light


I recognized the effects of color one winter when I bought a bag of lemons, before they were priced out of my league. I had them in a bowl in the kitchen, and I noticed that I was drawn to keep looking over at them. The little shock of glossy yellow was comforting. I got a similar effect from a heap of limes and tomatoes I purchased for salsa, chili, and spaghetti ingredients. My groceries were doing double duty as medicine for the soul.

I observed something else during the drab, frozen days when darkness closed in before five and a bleary dawn held off until almost nine the next morning. Movies I watched piecemeal on the treadmill were a real mood lifter. Even a few minutes of absorption in a drama not my own made a difference. Of course watching movies was a far more sophisticated solution than buying a bag of fruit. But viewing life in faraway places; where the sun always shone, a gentle breeze ruffled lovely dresses, green lawns stretched alluringly, ladies took walks in rose gardens, and characters conferred under trees where the light through the foliage made fretted patterns in the grass had healing properties that made me glad for the technology that provided luxurious escape.

Member Post


I hesitate to write this post because, from other posts on the topic, it is apparent to me that (IF there is a conspiracy) most of you are in on it — not surprising, as it seems to be a conspiracy targeted at me. What’s the Ian Fleming quote? Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, […]

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