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We’re All Collateral Damage in the War with the Left Elites


The number of negative and destructive incidents that have occurred due to actions or inactions by the Biden Administration is impossible to count. Many of us continue to ask not only how they have let these tragedies occur, but even more important, why they seem indifferent to these outcomes. I’ve come up with a theory that I’m exploring, and you can tell me if it has any credibility.

First, the polarization between the Left and Right has been growing at an alarming rate. And no one seems to have any resolution for it. The venom and hatred expressed seems to know no bounds. Some of us have reached the point of shrugging our shoulders and saying there is no remedy for this state in the foreseeable future.  Instead of continuing to shout at each other from a distance, however, the polarization has yielded to a full-out war between both sides.

You might say that the war has been going on for years, and I think there may be some truth to that. But there is a phenomenon that has developed as the war becomes more vicious and devastating. I propose that the description of that phenomena, appropriately, is collateral damage. Let me explain :

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Up front bias disclosure: I have complained ever since the “stay at home” orders were first extended past the initial two weeks that I did not think that the collateral effects of the “stay at home” (lockdown) orders were given adequate consideration to balance the singular focus on stopping the Wuhan Covid-19 virus. So I […]

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