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Codevilla and Our Revolutionary Spiral


Angelo Codevilla isn’t as prolific as, say, Victor Davis Hanson, but when he drops one it’s time to pay attention. The latest is no exception: Our Revolution’s Logic.

His main thesis is that a spiral has begun, away from the American system of resolving political differences, and into a tit-for-tat of using power, fair and foul, not just to be left alone, but to force the other party to conform. Trump, the Resistance, and Kavanaugh all play starring roles. Read the whole thing.

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Codevilla’s The Ruling Class (2010) and Murray’s Coming Apart (2012) are two conservative texts describing a USA that has divided into two camps: for Codevilla they are elite “Ruling Class” and commoner “Country Class;” for Murray they are upper class “Belmont” and lower class “Fishtown.” Because both books offer “two camp” visions, I initially had […]

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