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We are between Armed Forces Day and Memorial Day. The first is a minor holiday intended to honor those serving in our military. The second is a major federal holiday and is intended to commemorate our honored war dead. A recent conversation with a younger veteran led to talk of his grandfathers’ service in World War II, and that in turn led to a broader reflection on a seldom remembered or only partially understood group of Americans in the two world wars.

The younger veteran’s Hopi grandfather was a tank mechanic. His Navaho grandfather was a code talker in the Marine Corps. As we talked, I mentioned recently learning of the original WWI code talkers, a small team of Choctaw Indians in the American Expeditionary Forces. The Native American veteran replied that there were Hopi and other tribes also used as code talkers in WWII. It is just that the Navajos were the largest group and became the center of historical attention.


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Perhaps it’s a new strain of bacteria. Or possibly a warning about an apocalyptic, cataclysmic event. Are the circular forms asteroids? Or boulders that spewed forth from a volcano? Is this similar to what archeologists found in uncovering Pompeii? Or maybe the warning has to do with Climate Change. Maybe there are only 300 days left to the dreaded Climate Catastrophe. Then what? Al Gore, Jr. and Elon Musk won’t let us on the giant space ark that’s been secretly constructed in the Himalayas because we don’t have reservations. It would be just like them.

Or is this possibly a message from an alien life form? A map showing several spiral galaxies. A map left for us found in the stacks of an old library of rare books in Italy or Egypt or someplace…from an alien visitor from a race of beings from a distant star system. Beings that died out because of constant bickering and fights over who gets the remote, so they mutually destroyed each other centuries ago in a massive war…but a planet that it’s probably safe now to travel to because all the radiation, if there was radiation, has dissipated and so when we get there we can dust off the ashes from their giant alien Barcaloungers, and see what freeze-dried alien munchies are in the pantry and what kind of beer they drank, and turn on their holographic televisions to see if they’re still operable and as lifelike as they must be for an advanced alien civilization and see if they had anything similar to Mr. Ed or Gilligan’s Island, Baywatch or Keeping Up With The Kardashians. I have dibs on the remote by the way.