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Join Jim and Greg as they serve up three good martinis to close out the week! First, they cheer CNN contributor Scott Jennings for calmly but firmly confronting American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten over her absurd lies that she was pushing harder than anyone to reopen schools in the midst of the pandemic when she was loudly persistent in keeping them closed. They also welcome the news that West Virginia GOP Gov. Jim Justice is running for U.S. Senate in 2024, giving Republicans their best chance yet to knock off Sen. Joe Manchin or maybe even convince him not to run for re-election. Finally, they welcome the news that Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel is planning to sit out the 2024 cycle after backing and bankrolling multiple weak candidates in the midterms.

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Ricochet Editor-in-Chief Jon Gabriel is in for Jim. Join Jon and Greg as they cheer House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and a bipartisan congressional delegation for meeting with Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen in defiance of Chinese demands and touting the importance of a free Taiwan. They also react to new allegations that CNN’s Don Lemon harassed former co-anchor Kyra Phillips back in 2008, including ripping up her photos and papers when she got an assignment that he wanted and for texting threatening messages to her. Finally, they roll their eyes as Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. throws his hat into the ring for the 2024 Democratic presidential nomination.

“Despite Biden” – A Tale of the Bizarro Presidency


So, I was looking at CNN. Hey, it wasn’t my fault, it was playing on the TV in front of my stationary bike at the gym.  And I saw a headline, I might be paraphrasing here, which read, “Regional Bank Fears Grow, Despite Biden’s Assurances.” So, when I got home, I searched for that headline at the CNN website and this was the closest I could find: “Wall Street pummels regional banks, despite Biden’s assurances.”

How could this happen? After all, Joe went right before the Press Corpse and said, “Americans can rest assured that our banking system is safe. Your deposits are safe.” And after listing the steps that will be taken, with no cost whatsoever to the taxpayer, he said, “Let me also assure you we will not stop at this. We will do whatever is needed on top of all this.”

Join Jim and Greg as they welcome the news that a far left House Democrat is leaving in June to take a job in the private sector, leaving Dems with one less vote for five months. They also react to Vladimir Putin announcing that Russia is suspending participation in the most recent START agreement that Biden though was such a grand achievement in 2021. They also wonder what the U.S. is really ready to do if China gets more aggressive in aiding the Russian war effort. Finally, they roll their eyes as Don Lemon is allowed to return to CNN but will be required to undergo “formal training” after his comments about women being past their prime last week. In addition, they take a deeper look into the venomous, sometimes racist comments unleashed against Haley because she happens to be on the political right.

Join Jim and Greg as they discuss the frustrating lack of answers from Norfolk Southern railroad or the government for the residents of East Palestine, Ohio, worried about 20 rail cars filled with toxic substances spilling in their community after a derailment. They also light up CNN’s Don Lemon for suggesting that 51-year-old Nikki Haley is past her prime” and so is every woman beyond her twenties, thirties, and maybe forties. The CNN discussion followed Haley’s suggestion that every political figure over the age of 75 be required to take a mental competency test before serving, an obvious reference to President Biden and President Trump. Haley’s idea prompted Delaware Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester to declare Biden has more energy now than he did in his forties. Jim and Greg aren’t buying it.

Jim and Greg give credit to CNN’s Dana Bash for asking tough questions of the three House Democrats House Speaker Kevin McCarthy wants booted from their sensitive committees – and their answers were rather unconvincing. They also react to the latest “Twitter Files,” exposing the powerful left-wing group Hamilton 68, which declared many Twitter accounts to be Russian bots or peddling Russian disinformation, when the vast majority were real people who just disagreed with the left’s narrative on various issues. Finally, they react to President Trump’s bizarre accusation that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis locked down his state far too long during the COVID pandemic, when the evidence is strongly to the contrary, and discuss why Trump is pursuing this line of attack.

Join Jim and Greg as they serve up a bad martini and a couple of crazy ones. First, they sigh as the mainstream press does damage control for the Democrats. Axios contends that Transportation Sec. Pete Buttigieg is just the victim of unfortunate circumstances and Republicans are the real problem for pouncing on his problems. Meanwhile, CNN chalks up the Biden classified document problem to the unease of Trump coming to the White House. They also get a kick out of Georgia Democrat Hank Johnson, who once worried that America’s military presence on Guam might cause the island to tip over, openly suggesting that the classified documents were planted in Biden’s office and garage. Finally, Jim fires back at the Club for Growth for launching an attack as against possible Indiana GOP Senate hopeful Mitch Daniels that greatly distorts his record as Indiana governor and president of Purdue University.

Federalist Radio Hour Host Emily Jashinsky is in for Jim today. Emily and Greg start by dissecting the left’s full meltdown over Twitter suspending several journalists on the left for violating the new doxxing rules. They also discuss the impact Twitter has in exposing media bias and whether Elon Musk’s actions break his pledge to champion free speech. They’re also furious as Philadelphia public schools plan to impose a mask mandate on students when they return in January just as the damage done to poor and minority students in California from being out of school becomes clearer. Finally, they wonder what exactly Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg does following reports he was vacationing in Portugal just a week before the nation was threatened with an economy-crippling railroad strike.

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It’s been nearly two weeks since the status quo elections of 2022 that disappointed Republicans but gave Democrats little to cheer for other than a sigh of relief. It is huge that Democrats kept control of the Senate. They will continue to stack the judiciary with hard-left judges for two more years. Pray for the […]

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Join Jim and Greg as they cheer Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin for a very sensible plan to champion gas and nuclear power as a way to keep energy abundant and affordable. They also shudder as President Biden starts blabbing about how Russia has us closer to “Armageddon” than any time since the Cuban Missile Crisis. And they highlight just how partisan and petty CNN’s former leadership was in suspending conservative commentator Mary Katherine Ham for a very flimsy reason and never even telling her.

It’s all good martinis today! Join Jim and Greg as they welcome news that the Oregon governor’s race is a toss-up thanks to a former Democrat running as an independent. They also celebrate news that the strong hiring numbers we’ve seen in the wake of the pandemic are overwhelmingly powered by Republican-led states. And they discuss why it was long past time for Brian Stelter to be shown the door at CNN after constantly turning a program designed to objectively evaluate the media into a cheerleading session for the left.

Join Jim and Greg as they wade into the rare territory of giving credit to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for planning to visit Taiwan in the face of Chinese threats against her. Sadly, President Biden has once again displayed his default position of weakness on this issue as well. They also rip Paul Krugman for trying to claim that the economy is actually really strong and that people think their own financial situation is fine but the media keeps convincing everyone things are bad. And they dissect the six-game suspension for Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson after two dozen women accused him of sexual harassment or worse but no criminal charges were filed.


The Clownish Partisanship of CNN


A left-wing group published the addresses of the conservative members of the Supreme Court and also John Roberts, encouraging their comrades, perhaps, to engage in some “mostly peaceful protesting.” Through its official spokesperson and soon-to-be objective MSNBC journalist, the Brandon presidency has made it clear they have no problem with people intimidating Federal judges. (“But muh Rule of Law!”) 

So, what is the clown college CNN network worried about? “Potential right-wing violence.”

Join Jim and Greg as they welcome the DNC seriously looking at shaking up the order of primaries and caucuses and removing Iowa from the top of the order. They also fume as President Biden won’t even listen to endangered Democrats in his quest to end Title 42 and unleash a far worse border crisis. And they dissect how CNN+ imploded in just three weeks after a massive $300 million commitment to the project.

Join Jim and Greg as they break down the latest polling on the Senate race in Nevada which has Republican Adam Laxalt ahead of incumbent Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto. They also shake their heads in response to news that Frank James, the suspect in the subway shooting in Brooklyn, was on the FBI’s radar as recently as 2019. This incident is only the latest in a string of cases where the perpetrator was known to the agency before they committed violent actions. And after two weeks, it is obvious that CNN+, CNN’s new premium streaming service, is a pathetic failure with an average viewership of only 10,000 viewers a day.

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This piece at ZeroHedge (h/t Instapundit) says CNN’s new streaming service is struggling, and already facing the prospects of layoffs. That’s hardly surprising: CNN is a mediocre entertainment company that abandoned legitimate news in favor of activism, and that kind of biased reporting is going out of style. Apples and bananas, CNN. People can tell […]

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Join Jim and Greg as they praise Virginia state senators for voting to strike down school mask mandates in a lopsided vote. They also feign astonishment as high profile Democrats change their tune after failing to pass their radical agenda and the midterm elections get closer. And they analyze Chris Cuomo’s ridiculous demand to keep quiet about information he allegedly has about CNN’s dealings with his brother, former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.