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Breaking news into the New E-mailgate scandal that has so lifted the spirits of Republicans this last week. James Comey reports to congress that the FBI has gone through the e-mails and it has not changed their view on their initial judgement in the Clinton Server case. NBC sources are reporting to them that the […]

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As reported by ABC late Sunday night: “Federal investigators looking into the Hillary Clinton email matter have obtained the warrant needed to start reviewing the emails found on a laptop used by Clinton aide Huma Abedin and her husband, Anthony Weiner.” However, the ABC report does not report which court issued the warrant. I’ll let you […]

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Remember Election night 2016 when the media replayed countless video loops of tearful older feminists and their balding, ponytailed life partners watch Hillary speak to the nation? Remember when the punditry mentioned (all 12,641 times) the “historic moment” when we witnessed the first female ascend to Presidency? The dream was now a reality (of course, […]

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Are Americans Starting to Notice?


480px-Hillary_Clinton_2_DNC_July_2016_(cropped)Via the WSJ, some bad news for Hillary Clinton:

Last October, 42% of people polled said her use of a private email system while secretary of state was an “important factor” in whether to vote for her, a Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll showed. A survey last month found that figure had jumped to 55%. What’s more, half of voters surveyed said she lacked the right judgment to be president based on a Federal Bureau of Investigation probe that showed she was careless in handling sensitive government information, compared with one-third who said she does have the right judgment.

Prosecution 101


Pictured: FBI Director James Comey. Not Pictured: Someone with prosecutorial discretion.

As to the case in point, FBI Director James Comey is not a prosecutor: He is an investigator and, as such, does not have prosecutorial discretion to exercise. His responsibility is to merely report facts found. It is the job of the attorney general — conveniently missing in action — to apply the law to those facts and to decide whether to present them to a grand jury or to file charges directly (i.e. file an “information”). Notwithstanding this, prosecutors and investigators both do have clout in suggesting administrative penalties to other officials, whether or not a prosecution takes place. After recitation of Hillary Clinton’s “carelessness,” for example, a “reasonable prosecutor” would almost certainly have suggested that her security clearance be lifted. Even if they don’t “get you” criminally, it is in the nature of prosecutors to still want the satisfaction of a “gotcha” of some kind or another.

Hoist with Her Own Petard


ClintonBy recommending that Hillary Clinton not face trial for keeping classified documents on a private email server, FBI Director James Comey may have done the impossible: Ending the way the Clintons have done business for the past thirty years and — thus far — gotten away with it.

If the past is any guideline, Clinton’s trial would have lasted decades, with her (and her husband) doing their level best to avoid cooperating with the prosecution, dragging out the process long past its expiration date in the public’s mind. From Whitewater, to Lewinsky, to Benghazi, to the Clinton Foundation, to this, the Clintons’ modus operandi has always been to delay the pre-trial process for as long as possible in order to make the dogged determination for justice look like a partisan witch hunt.

But not yesterday. Yesterday, Director Comey made it very clear: Hillary Clinton was guilty, but she was not going to have her day in court. With his statement, the FBI director did more damage to Hillary than Ken Starr ever did to Bill, who was acquitted of perjury and obstruction of justice by the Senate, allowing him to portray his prosecution as partisan-based, giving him a platform from which to rebuild his reputation.

Lynch to Leave Decision to Prosecute Clinton to the FBI


Via the NYT:

Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch plans to announce on Friday that she will accept whatever recommendation career prosecutors and the F.B.I. director make about whether to bring charges related to Hillary Clinton’s personal email server, a Justice Department official said. Her decision removes the possibility that a political appointee will overrule investigators in the case. The Justice Department had been moving toward such an arrangement for months — officials said in April that it was being considered — but a private meeting between Ms. Lynch and former President Bill Clinton this week set off a political furor and made the decision all but inevitable.

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Kimberly Strassel of the Wall Street Journal has a dynamite piece entitled, “Hillary’s Other Server Scandal.” Strassel hints that, while the revelation of state secrets, etc. is a very serious matter, it is the intersection of her duties at State and the funding of The Clinton Foundation that is the most interesting – and potentially damaging…I am […]

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Behind Closed Doors, Media and Government Buzzing about Hillary’s Emails


Morning-JoeConservatives often complain about media bias. While it’s true that the press often skews the news of the day to promote their own ideology, a far more damaging practice is when they decide not to report the news in the first place. On Monday’s “Morning Joe,” the panel finally pulled back the curtain on what is being discussed in newsrooms across the country.

While analyzing the Democratic primary, panelist Mike Barnicle said, “There’s an undefined element in the campaign that will impact the campaign sooner or later and that’s what’s going to happen in the Justice Department. I mean, you can just sense among Democrats … they’re right on the edge of their seats trying to figure out what will happen and what determining factor that’s going to play in the nomination process.”

The Justice Department? Whatever could he be referring to?

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It was so difficult to hear John McCain say that he wouldn’t use Obama’s long-term and close friendship with Jeremiah Wright against him. What a fool he was — does ANYONE think any Democrat would have let a Republican off in this way? Would Lee Atwater have let Obama off or would he have scraped […]

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Hillary Won’t Say if She Wiped the Server


Calling Hillary Clinton a bad candidate is like calling Hannibal Lecter a bad dinner guest; it’s a bit of an understatement. Tuesday afternoon, the presumed Democratic nominee gave a disastrous press conference that will fuel opposition ads until November 2016, or until she drops out of the campaign. In this excerpt, she deftly puts an end to the growing email server scandal:

Hillary’s E-mail Blast


Hillary Clinton bowed to the inevitable yesterday and fielded reporters’ questions regarding her use of private e-mail for both public and private business while serving as U.S. Secretary of State.

About the press conference (which wasn’t a full-fledged “I’m gonna stand here and take every question until you’ve worn yourselves out” — like this one, held by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie during his Bridgegate controversy): the last time Mrs. Clinton was in a bind like this was well over two decades ago, when she gave the famous “pretty in pink” press conference at the White House in hopes of putting a lid on the Whitewater scandal.

Back then, Mrs. Clinton held court for 72 minutes. Yesterday’s presser: a little over 20 minutes, with an abrupt ending.

The Dog Ate My Homework


ABC_clinton3_ml_150310_16x9_992Hillary acknowledging that it would have been better to use two e-mail accounts is about as close to an apology from the Clintons you’ll ever get. But the matter of “convenience” is just nonsense, as everyone knows. Even a tech dinosaur like myself has two e-mail accounts, which I now access on my spiffy new iPhone 6 Plus. (By the way, instead of that old Blackberry, Hillary should have had an iPhone.)

So Hillary says she didn’t break any White House or State Department rules. I don’t think that defense will fly. And the homemade server, created for messages between Bill and Hillary, is an absolute non-starter. Apparently Bill has only sent two e-mails in his life — and neither of them to Hillary.

There’s also a dog-ate-my-homework quality to this Clinton episode, with Hillary saying: Sorry, I deleted the remaining 30,000 or so e-mails, so I just can’t show them to you.

Does the Kremlin Have Hillary’s E-mails?


shutterstock_166350926With Hillary Clinton set to hold a press conference today over the scandal regarding her State Department emails, I thought this might be a good time to call your attention to a piece of mine over at The Blaze, highlighting the very real prospect that Hillary’s communications may have fallen into Moscow’s hands. As I write there:

Putin’s Kremlin has one of the most sophisticated cyber-warfare systems the world has ever seen.

According to Smoking Gun (which broke the story in 2013), when [the Romanian hacker] Guccifer breached [Sidney] Blumenthal’s account, he discovered Clinton’s email address, hdr22@clintonemail.com. When Guccifer supplied Russia’s RT, an official Kremlin media agency, with the Blumenthal emails, it’s a distinct possibility that he supplied the Clinton email address as well.