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President Trump Rocks Out with Real Heavy Metal Band


The afternoon of 20 March 2019, President Trump rocked out with a group that makes real heavy metal. The event was different from other presidential appearances, but featured many of the same themes. Two themes, American defense revival and energy dominance, stood in stark contrast to news from Germany. In the midst of the prepared remarks, with the usual riffs, President Trump elaborated on his criticism of the politician John McCain, who the appointed Senator from Arizona, Martha McSally, is unconditionally defending, raising questions about her viability or suitability in 2020. President Trump’s visit to the Lima Army Tank Plant was a great political messaging success on several levels.

The setting:

The Lima Army Tank Plant, in Lima, Ohio, is where the components of the M1 tank, in all its variations, are assembled into a heavy metal instrument that can rock your world. The plant has a uniformed Army oversight contingent, partnered with a skilled civilian workforce centered around proud UAW workers. President Trump spoke to the assembled plant crew, to repeated cheers from these skilled tradesmen, proud UAW members.

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A 2014 email from Google Chairman Eric Schmidt to Cheryl Mills. He wanted to be head outside advisor to the Clinton Campaign and was pitching his strategic plan for the U.S. election. It is a topic of concern because of the possible influence by the Clinton Campaign on the most important provider of internet searches […]

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Polling Perplexity


shutterstock_433218895Almost every day, I check the Presidential polls at RealClearPolitics, and then I shake my head. Ordinarily, there is some variation. This year, however, the differential is dramatic. Right now, for example, CNN/ORC has Clinton ahead by five points. Rasmussen Reports has Trump ahead by two. IBD/TIPP has it all tied up. The ABC News Tracking Poll has Hillary ahead by a whopping twelve, and the LA Times Tracking Poll (not listed by RealClearPolitics) has her ahead by one point.

There may be some method to this madness. I can think of two alternative explanations. The first is that the pollsters do not know what they are doing; the second is that some fancy footwork is going on.

It is easy to see why the pollsters might be baffled. When they do a poll, they ordinarily take a sample, and then they make adjustments after comparing their sample with the population (i.e., either the general population or the voting population). They want their sample to be representative of women and men; the various ethnic groups; Catholics, Protestants of various stripes, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, and the like; Republicans, Democrats, and Independents; and so forth and so on. So they weight the sample in light of these categories to make sure that it is representative. In ordinary circumstances, this is tolerably easy to do. When the world is in flux, a lot of guesswork is involved. This year there will be Republicans voting for Hillary Clinton and Democrats voting for Donald Trump. They all note this, and they try to adjust. Polling is not a science. It is an art. So the differential could be due to the fact that some of the pollsters are — in all honesty — making the wrong assumptions.