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A Young Person We Should Honor (Not Named Thunberg)

One of the consequences of our narrative-consumed media culture is the glorification of 16-year-old truants who are manipulated and victimized (some say abused) by activist adults. Somehow, such symbolic individuals, with no real knowledge, training or experience make their way onto the cover of magazines. Meanwhile, a 21-year-old student, Reed College senior and budding scientist who has not only stayed in school but has actually done something that could prove meaningful in the global cause to reduce plastic pollution. After all, that which gets rewarded gets repeated.
It’s a real issue. The globe produces about 450 million tons of plastic every year, and about 8 million tons of it winds up in our oceans. These plastics last on average 15 years.

Morgan Vague is that Reed College student. She discovered a microbe that eats certain forms of PET, a commonly used plastic. This is amazing, but don’t expect any Nobel prizes or a person of the year award, since Morgan doesn’t appear to be getting any attention or support from so-called environmental groups. They seem more interested in the 16-year-old truant who screams at us.

Kudos to Morgan and her discovery. May the world take note.

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The young Miss Thunberg is receiving some criticism from those not numbered amongst her ardent fans for what many are suggesting is a, well, frankly murderous suggestion: “World leaders are still trying to run away from their responsibilities but we have to make sure they cannot do that. We will make sure that we put […]

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Potential carbon tariffs have been an active topic at the United Nations climate conference that wraps up this weekend in Madrid, where nearly 200 nations have been at odds over how to counter the continued global rise of greenhouse gas emissions. And some diplomats say it’s inevitable that governments will turn to trade barriers in […]

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Quote of the Day: Groupthink


“If everybody is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.” — Gen. George S. Patton

Yesterday YouTube suggested that I would like The Mark Steyn Show Climate Change Forum, so I watched it. Whether it’s creepy that YouTube put this video at the top of my feed the day after I had been writing on Ricochet about climate change in general and the website of a panel member in particular, I’ll leave for others to decide. The panel discussion included a lot about how difficult it is for people to speak up or challenge the uniform thinking of their peers.

What Does the IPCC Report Actually Say?


The science in the IPCC (International Panel on Climate Change) report is contained in the report published by Working Group 1 of the IPCC, the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. I suspect that few people have actually read this ~1500 page tome. Most people read the Summary for Policy Makers, which is written by bureaucrats and does not, in my opinion, faithfully reflect the contents of the actual report. There is too much emphasis on worst-case scenarios, which the report does not say are the most likely ones, in the Summary.

As best I can make out, what the report itself says is this: Global warming isn’t likely to be a big deal. It is unlikely to cause significant harm over the next 100 years or so.  In a followup special IPCC report even in the worst-case scenario the prediction is a fall in economic productivity of 10% of what it would otherwise be by 2100. That’s not even noticeable considering the growth in the economy that will have occurred by then.

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A two minute call out about the young and their continual insistence that they must support the noble cause of Saving the Earth by supporting the Globalists and their Global Warming Scare Techniques. Of course, not every young person thinks this way. I recently spoke to a member of my community in Northern Calif who […]

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If One Truly Believes in the Climate Catastrophe … Then It’s War!


For those people who truly believe that the world only has 12 years (or less) to solve the climate crisis or there will be a global catastrophe of biblical proportions, is the following a fair question?

Given general agreement that developed countries cannot solve the carbon problem without the full participation of China and India: Do you agree that if diplomatic pressure brought to bear by the countries that are serious about climate change does not convince China and India to cooperate with our attempt to save the planet, that these serious countries should go to war with China and India to compel them to abandon their coal-fired power plants, and thus save the world?

Lies: Big and Small


It’s well beyond whether or not [climate change] affects me personally, which it does, and it did my family, and still does. Just like your families. This is personal. Every one of you probably have a story that can talk about what’s happened to something you care greatly about, whether it’s a species or it’s your son or daughter coming down with cancer because of this.

— Joe Biden, 2019

Don’t Worry – Just Ask the Right Questions


Last year at a local meet the candidate forum, the State House contender approached the lectern and said somberly and boldly, “Climate change is real.” 

He would have accomplished just as much had he said, “The sun rises” or “Dogs bark.”  Yet another example of uncritical soundbite over meaningful distinctions.

So what are the meaningful distinctions?  Recently I watched a ninety minute class on Climate Change by Dr. Jay Richards of the Catholic University of America.  He pointed out that to talk meaningfully about climate change, you have to ask four questions:

Marshall Herskovitz, writer, director and producer (thirtysomething, My So-Called Life, Dangerous Beauty), drops by to talk about how he got his start in Hollywood, when he decided he’d rather fail and leave the business than keep writing things that didn’t feel like him, the TV movie that kick-started his and partner Ed Zwick’s careers into high gear, and what kind of reboot he would do for thirtysomething if the opportunity arose. Learn why he, Ed, and Winnie Holzman wound up sobbing when they had to do the DVD commentary for the My So-Called Life pilot, why they were terrified of Claire Danes, and why the way we define risk is so destructive in our society. Marshall shares how making Dangerous Beauty (one of Bridget’s all-time favorite films) was his all-time favorite experience in the business, what the film meant to him, and the reason for its incredible longevity after initially bombing at the box office. They discuss everything from the extreme the changes in the movie and television industry in the last 10 years, to the truth about climate change, how Democrats are getting the messaging wrong, the difference between investment and cost, and how the economy is like a bottle of wine. Don’t miss Bridget’s story about Jared Leto and Marshall’s story about Brad Pitt.

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You may believe that climate change is man made or natural – or maybe a little of both, which is where I fall in. I don’t think 50-50, but it is clear that things are changing. Political entities on both sides have grabbed the concept of climate change and turned it into a heated political […]

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I think we should have an ongoing effort (can’t be one topic) to offer suggestions for the “most brainless but likely to be troublesome” human behavior story of the week or month. Mine is below, about German protestors at a coal facility, of the “climate change is urgent, so to hell with democracy or common […]

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A Hot Mess: Climate of Confusion


Our betters had better get a grip on their narrative. We have been assured that the science is settled. Wicked men have offended Mother Earth and she is getting hot under the collar. To deny this is heresy. Heretics must be cast out, silenced, deplatformed, unpersoned. We must unite to denounce and deny the deniers…at Newsweek!

Newsweek is certainly a member in good standing of the church of correct thinking. So how could it possibly be that they would blaspheme Anthropogenic Global Warming? Yet here is the evidence that they have transgressed [emphasis added]:


James R. Copland joins Rafael Mangual to discuss how activist investors are turning corporate America’s annual shareholder-meeting process into a political circus.

Most of corporate America is wrapping up the 2019 “proxy season” this month—the period when most publicly traded companies hold their annual meetings. It’s at these gatherings that shareholders can (either directly or by proxy) propose and vote on changes to the company. Since 2011, the Manhattan Institute has tracked these proposals on its Proxy Monitor website. This year’s proxy season has followed a long-term trend: a small group of investors dominates the proceedings, introducing dozens of progressive-inspired proposals on issues ranging from climate change to diversity.

AOC Was Wrong, We Actually Have Only 5 Years Left


According to this article from 2004 (Read it and save it before it gets memory-holed), “Climate change over the next 20 years could result in a global catastrophe costing millions of lives in wars and natural disasters.”

Note the use of the very important word “could.” The of this auxiliary verb in the subjunctive mood is essential to all climate catastrophe articles. “Climate Change Could Cause Octopuses to Go Blind” (Well, at least Braille won’t be a problem for them)  “Climate change could bring bubonic plague back to Los Angeles” (Ah, silver linings.) “Climate Change Could Destroy Doomsday Vault (Well, what good is it, then?) You could even create a kind of “Climate Change Article Mad Libs” for these headlines. Climate Change Could Cause [PLURAL NOUN] to [VERB] [OBJECT NOUN] [ADVERB]. e.g. “Climate Change Could Cause AL GORE’S CHILDREN to EAT BOOGERS RAPIDLY.” But I digress. 

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https://www.bbc.com/news/video_and_audio/must_see/48060788/finland-s-new-generation-of-climate-heroes Play on words: Actually that is the name of a Finnish town which has achieved “zero waste” and has therefore proven that if a town of 10,ooo can do it, according to a person in the video (teacher?) we can do it globally and so we have “no more excuses.” Well, there isn’t enough […]

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Quote of the Day: Climate Science


“The world has been chilling sharply for about twenty years. If present trends continue, the world will be about four degrees colder for the global mean temperature in 1990, but eleven degrees colder in the year 2000. This is about twice what it would take to put us into an ice age.”
— Kenneth Watt, Ecologist, Earth Day 1970

Science is settled. All those people talking about global warming are science deniers! Glaciers are coming for us… slowly.

How Many Polar Bears Can Dance on the Tip of an Iceberg?


Photo Credit: Alan D. Wilson, October 2007, Polar Bears (Cubs), Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is acting as the face for the Justice Democrats’ Green New Deal, Dianne Feinstein is confronted by terror-stricken children and their indoctrination handlers, women in first world countries are declaring that they will forgo child-bearing in the face of impending environmental collapse, Mayor DeBlasio is mandating “Meatless Monday” menus in NYC public schools in order to combat Climate Change… Wherever you turn, the Left have whipped up their Eco-Marxist rhetoric to an absolute froth. And I, for one, have had enough.