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Please notice my choice of prepositions: I’m sick of the corona virus, not sick from it. Specifically, I’m so very tired of reading about it on Ricochet. But I should be even more specific. I do watch for specific posters (I’m looking at you @rodin and Jerry Giordano (@arizonapatriot) because I can keep updated on […]

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Welcome to the Harvard Lunch Club Political Podcast for September 19, 2017 it’s the #AmnestyDon does DACA edition of the show with your hosts Todd Feinburg, Boston/Hartford axis radio talk show host and Mike Stopa, nanophysicist. This week on the show we discuss amnesty – amnesty for “Dreamers” – those poor kids who, through no fault of their own were dragged to America as children and who have known no other country but America. It would be cruel, wouldn’t it, to take out their parents’ sins on the kids? Really, we’re going to just put them on a bus or a plane and send them back to a country they hardly even know? Really?

Yes, you know. This is the new Trump ideology. This is Rick Perry’s heart and Jeb Bush’s love. This is exactly what caused a major section of the Republican Party and otherwise conservative folks to abandon the GOPe. This is giving sympathy to the law breakers and forgetting the once forgotten then briefly remembered and then forgotten again American people who have borne the brunt of the illegal onslaught and who don’t feel an ounce of that sympathy. This is the kind of thing that leads to burning MAGA hats.

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