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When I was growing up, I read so much that it was basically the same thing as breathing. Unfortunately, classic lit wasn’t usually what I reached for, so I’ve missed out on a lot of great novels along the way. I’m now 30, and I’ve decided to start a new long-term project – catching up […]

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The Donald Trump Classic Audio Book Library


And now a word from our sponsor.  My name is Donald Trump, I’m proud to introduce my library of the best classics of Western Civilization.  Enjoy these terrific, classic, wonderful books, bound in best Texas Longhorn leather, it’s really fantastic with gold leaf on the page edges, it’s really sharp. They’ll look great on your shelves, just perfect.  Plus if you order today I’ll include these really great audio tape books as read to you by me.  Now how many of you can say you’ve got the President of the United States reading these really classic, great, wonderful, and superb, really the best books that Western Civilization has brought to you.  Everything from this Dickens fellow, to, ah, Shakespeare, Dante, some really great Greeks (trust me, these guys know their stuff and make pretty good masons too, got a guy doing a marble platform for the toilet in master suite in the White House), and even The Art of the Deal.

Just take a listen to some of these fine, just really fantastic excerpts.  I mean, Obama cranked out a bunch of his lousy speeches to hawk on the Queen, which is really pathetic, when he coulda’ used that smooth icy voice of his to read out some of these just fantastic, and frankly better, stronger, and more elegant things.  Definitely better things than you’ll get on Clinton New Network.  Anyways, enjoy, and listen all the way through for a special offer for you early bird types.