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It Ain’t Necessarily So


Capital buildingI do not know what really happened in Washington D.C. on January 6, 2021 . . . and neither do you. First reports are seldom conclusive, often confused, sometimes flat wrong. We live in an environment where people have learned to spin and twist every institution and form of media, seeking to shape our society through our ever more intrusive politics. Not only is history written by the victors, so is the entire current narrative, especially as supposed conservatives have joined the left in enabled a handful of billionaires to use the commanding communications high ground to silence and even drive out of business any effective dissent.

I first heard that Trump supporters had stormed Congress and someone was shot. Then I heard the shot was fired not by a “bitter clinger” with a gun but by a Capitol Police officer. Then I heard Congressman Louie Gohmert call the Sean Hannity radio show. He reported that he was on the phone with the Capital Police the evening of January 5, and was told they had intelligence that Antifa was showing up on January 6 wearing pro-Trump gear. Perhaps so. This too ain’t necessarily so.

Before all this, as I sipped my morning cup of coffee, I listened to Mike Rowe’s latest The Way I Heard It podcast episode, released on January 5. “Episode 181: Off by Roughly Two Trillion” was a thoughtful reflection of uncertainty in our world, occasioned by repeated errors or possibly learning across media, academics, politics, science, and medicine. Take a listen, if you will:

3,000 Attend Block Party in Deland, FL


You didn’t misread the title of this post, but it doesn’t accurately describe the actual event, nor does it suggest the dangerous implications of this type of activity given concerns about the outbreak of COVID-19. Gov. Ron DeSantis has done a very good job of managing Florida through COVID-19, but in spite of his efforts, we’re seeing eruptions like the one described in this post. If other states don’t act quickly to lighten the restrictions on its citizens, we may very well see civil violence and destruction across the country.

Let me summarize the way the gathering on Saturday, May 16, took place and how it was conveniently mischaracterized. First, some people tried to characterize its origins with a planned memorial:

A block party that drew 3,000 people to the Spring Hill neighborhood on Saturday and spiraled out of control had nothing to do with a memorial held earlier in the day to honor a gun violence victim, a family member said on Tuesday.

Quote of the Day: Civil Disobedience


“Rules were made to be broken.”

“Don’t disagree. Indeed they are. Providing, however, that the one breaking the rules is willing to pay the price for it, and the price gets charged in full … Otherwise breaking rules becomes the province of brats instead of heroes. Fastest way I can think of to turn serious political affairs into a playpen. A civilized society needs a conscience, and conscience can’t be developed without martyrs — real ones — against which a nation can measure its crimes and sins.” — Eric Flint, Crown of Slaves

Member Post


Pat Buchanan has a fine piece over at The American Conservative on civil disobedience, and how it’s now likely to come from the conservative side of the political perspective. Here’s his intro paragraphs:  The Oklahoma Supreme Court, in a 7-2 decision, has ordered a monument of the Ten Commandments removed from the Capitol. Calling the […]

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Decline of the American Protest


Bloody_Sunday-officers_await_demonstrators Reason reports on a “peaceful” protest against police abuse in Washington DC, telling us that “No fires were set or property damaged as far as I could tell. They succeeded in shutting down intersections as they went along, tailed by a cavalcade of police cars, lights flashing, there to keep the traffic in check.”

Color me deeply unimpressed.

Fifty years ago, the headline-grabbers called attention to themselves by dressing to the nines in order to get the snot beat out of them by racist cops who would not allow them to cross a bridge (over its pedestrian lane no less!). They did so in order to call attention to their dignity as citizens and the moral decrepitude of the officials, police officers, and posse members who assaulted and beat them.