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What’s In A Name?


quote-know-the-enemy-and-know-yourself-in-a-hundred-battles-you-will-never-be-defeated-sun-tzu-310915Over at The Corner, Jim Talent has a terrific post on the Democrats’ willful blindness regarding the ongoing threat of Islamic terrorism:

It’s hard to overcome any problem in your life if you refuse to recognize essential elements of the problem; in fact, one of the first objects of psychotherapists is to get their patients to face the real issues that are disabling them. It’s even harder to win a war if you won’t permit yourself to recognize whom you’re fighting — and not only because, as a practical matter, you have to know your enemy to properly assess his plans and tactics

Until the Democrats realize that our enemies mean what they say and say what they mean, they can’t be taken seriously on national security. In ISIS’s own words, the real reason they are attacking us isn’t because of global warming, Gitmo, a YouTube video, or the designated hitter rule. ISIS is attacking us because we exist, and because our values are different than theirs.