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A Christmas Gift … Going Blind


Over the past 4 to 6 weeks, I’ve had a hard time seeing out of my left eye. You might say, “Then just use your right!” right? Not so fast, sister … I have mono-vision, and my left eye is my reading books eye … my reading music eye … my designing eye … my photography eye, etc. It’s my whole life eye. No, I don’t drive that much, so my right eye isn’t as important to me except when I’m at the archery range. Then, it really matters. But I haven’t been there for a while because of other things … you know … family stuff. Kid stuff. Mom stuff. I actually think I’m doing penance for having a career that kept me away from home for ten years … it’s catching up to me now.

Warning to moms. Don’t fall for the rationalist’s thinking that kids are resilient. They can be, but if you’re not there in the early years, they’ll miss out on those things that only a mom can instill in them; things that give them the confidence needed to weather the storms of middle school, high school, and the first three semesters of college. Not to mention pandemics and lockdowns.

But I digress.