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Richard Epstein looks at how attempts to suppress conservative speakers on college campuses intersects with the First Amendment, and calls on 50 years of experience as a university professor to diagnose how liberal activism has changed over the years.

This Probably Counts as a Macroaggression


Christina Hoff Sommers is probably the sharpest writer and thinker on modern feminism that we have on our side of the fight — which means that she must be resisted and declared an Enemy of the People.

When Sommers went to speak to a group of Republican and Libertarian students at Oberlin College last month, a coalition of fragile porcelain dolls concerned students posted — I am not making this up — “A Love Letter to Ourselves” (probably a serviceable title for any document produced by this cohort), calling Sommers a “rape denialist” because she has questioned the assertion that one in five women on college campuses have been sexually assaulted (Yes, it did include trigger warnings).