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Christina Hoff Sommers is a former philosophy professor and resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute. She’s one of the Femsplainers on the podcast Femsplainers and has a series called the Factual Feminist on YouTube in which she corrects feminist myths within women’s and gender studies with truth and solid research. She and Bridget cover the disturbing rise of contempt within contemporary feminism, the appeal of Jordan Peterson, the erosion of Americans’ desire to protect free speech and democratic processes, why lack of gratitude is such a problem in our society, and the perceived sense of persecution and contagion of hysteria that is being taught in liberal educational systems. They discuss the infantalization of college students, going from common humanity (humanism) to common enemy (tribalism), the attack on centrists, and the fact that history is one long lesson in the dangers of dogma mixed with moral zealotry, distortion and bad information – it leads to fanaticism. They also cover the gender debate, the power dynamics between girls and boys, and why Harvard should have known better. It’s a fascinating conversation and definitely one you shouldn’t miss!

Introducing the Femsplainers Podcast


Welcome to the Femsplainers podcast with Christina Hoff Sommers and Danielle Crittenden. (The first episode came out this week!) Join our weekly girl’s night out with some of the most fascinating and fabulous women on the planet. We dish on everything from #metoo and sex to, well, doing the dishes. No topic is off-limits — unless it’s boring.

We’re tired of arguing. We’re tired of shouting. We think honest conversation can be lively and fun. The #metoo moment offers an opportunity for women of different backgrounds and beliefs to come together to discuss urgent topics. We believe men should be included too – because we’re all in this together. Christina and Danielle have been best friends for over two decades. They don’t agree on everything, of course. But they love meeting new, interesting people and exploring ideas as friends do, with respect, humor and over a cocktail (or two).

Richard Epstein looks at how attempts to suppress conservative speakers on college campuses intersects with the First Amendment, and calls on 50 years of experience as a university professor to diagnose how liberal activism has changed over the years.

This Probably Counts as a Macroaggression


Christina Hoff Sommers is probably the sharpest writer and thinker on modern feminism that we have on our side of the fight — which means that she must be resisted and declared an Enemy of the People.

When Sommers went to speak to a group of Republican and Libertarian students at Oberlin College last month, a coalition of fragile porcelain dolls concerned students posted — I am not making this up — “A Love Letter to Ourselves” (probably a serviceable title for any document produced by this cohort), calling Sommers a “rape denialist” because she has questioned the assertion that one in five women on college campuses have been sexually assaulted (Yes, it did include trigger warnings).