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Join Jim Geraghty and Greg Corombos as they discuss the verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial and welcome a peaceful night in Minneapolis. They also condemn President Biden for his disgusting suggestion that we are a systemically racist country and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her absurd comment that George Floyd sacrificed himself for justice. And they’re less than enthused about reports that former New Jersey gov. Chris Christie is seriously considering a White House bid in 2024.

Wanna Bet? The Supremes Say… “Maybe.”


Six years ago, faced with a gaping hole in the state budget, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie decided the way to fill the coffers was to offer legalized sports betting. All four major professional sports leagues and the NCAA immediately objected and sued to stop it. Their hammer was the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act – or PASPA.

PASPA was the brainchild of Bill Bradley, the three-term Senator from the Garden State. It sought to stem the spread of sports betting after three states added sports games to their lotteries to accompany the already legal sports books found in Nevada. Bradley, who is a Basketball Hall of Famer, understood that the only thing that separates professional sports from professional wrestling and roller derby is the idea that the games are on the up-and-up. When the law was passed in 1992 we were just three years removed from Pete Rose’s lifetime banishment from baseball and mere months from Michael Jordan’s first retirement from the NBA.

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Trump announced today that his choices for VP include Governors Perry, Christie and Brewer. (Sadly, Marco Rubio has put himself out of the running.) I am guessing that he will pick Christie. Why? Because he already is friendly and familiar with him, their similar blunt style would reinforce an image of toughness in a world with […]

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Trump’s Tiny Hands Crush Little Marco


On today’s podcast, we play the new game: Primaries or Game of Thrones. I outline a scenario and you try to guess: Is it something that happened in the primaries, or is it a scene from Game of Thrones? For instance: A sociopathic tyrant tortures a man until he turns him into his mindless lackey. Ramsay Bolton and Theon Greyjoy? Or Donald Trump and Chris Christie? Tune in. The fun is just beginning!

Anatomy of a Media Fabricated News Story – Gannett Style


1xCIaEt0Wednesday morning, people in the shore area in the central part of New Jersey woke up to an editorial in the only daily newspaper in the state that serves two large counties, the Asbury Park Press, viciously attacking Governor Christie and demanding his resignation.

“Wow,” the people of Monmouth and Ocean counties must have thought. “This editorial staff must have really put a great deal of independent thought into this to be so hard on the Governor.”

The same morning, people down in the Southern part of the state woke up to their daily paper also having run an editorial viciously attacking Governor Christie and demanding his resignation. In fact, the Courier-Post ran word-for-word the same editorial attacking Christie.

Christie Agonistes


BidenChristieRChiming in from Paris, Claire Berlinski shared what seemed to be on every politico’s mind last night: What the heck happened to the swaggering, truth-telling Chris Christie after endorsing Trump?

He looks as if he’s aged ten years overnight. He looks broken and frightened. Look at his eyes, his skin. His voice is flat and emotionless. I get it if he’s feeling buyer’s remorse. In his shoes, I’d sure be thinking, “What on earth have I done?” But he’s a professional politician. He’s used to giving ten speeches a day that he doesn’t really mean and he’s not in the mood to give. If you’ve been in the public light for as long as he’s been, you’re an old pro: You know that the show must go on.

Following Super Tuesday coverage on Twitter, the emasculation of Gov. Christie received ten times the coverage of “Mr. Trump’s” victory speech, in which the reality-show celeb praised Planned Parenthood, mocked “so-called conservatives,” and threatened congressional lawmakers.

What Do You Make of This? Chris Christie Endorses Donald Trump.



I have long been suspicious of Chris Christie. In his years as governor, as far as I can tell, he has done nothing for the New Jersey Republican Party, which is as moribund today as it was when he was first elected (if not more so). In 2012, at the moment which counted most, he ostentatiously embraced Barack Obama, and that may have decided what looked a week earlier like a very close race.

So when I see that he has endorsed Donald Trump, I ask myself the only question that seems plausible. What might be in it for Christie? The vice presidential nomination? A court appointment? Membership in the cabinet?

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He may soon be out of the Presidential race, so before he goes, let’s take a moment to reflect on the legacy of Chris Christie: Republican slayer. Mitt Romney, Brett Schundler, Rob Astorino, Ken Cuccinelli, and whoever could have competed for Cory Booker’s Senate seat — all were no match for the   juggernaut of pure […]

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Chris Christie will not doubt receive a bump after dismantling Rubio during the ABC GOP Debate. That forces Republicans into reevaluating the viability of Christie in 2016, just we did for a short while with Newt Gingrich in 2012.   These are three items from Christie’s past that might be unforgiving for some, or deal-breakers to consider him this time round. Preview Open

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When Things Get Tough, Who Will Stand Strong?


When political headwinds bite, entrenched interests wield their power, and intractable problems require more than tough words, who is best equipped to stand strong? During primary season, promises abound. But when boldness goes out of fashion — and when those easily-spoken promises prove hard to fulfill — which candidate has the conviction, courage, and capability to follow through?

Christie’s Last Chance on Guns?


If I were teaching a civics course — and if you are, please borrow this example — I’d include a whole lesson on New Jersey Assembly Bill No. 700. Known as the Childproof Handgun Law, it was passed in 2002 in an attempt to encourage the manufacture of “smart guns.” It’s arguably one of the most foolish laws ever passed from any perspective, perfectly illustrating not only the effects of legislative ignorance and hubris, but also the Law of Unintended Consequences.

Campaign Ad Round-up


In with the New Year and up with the new ads. As early-state voters start to get serious about primary season, candidates are flooding the airwaves with their pitches. First, a Cruz immigration ad:

A Glossary of 2016 Campaign Terms I Just Made Up


As hispandering (pandering to Hispanics) enters the American political lexicon, so too do a host of other terms whose meanings may not be immediately clear in the rapidly-changing landscape of the 2016 presidential campaign. Below is a glossary of some of the newest terms and their definitions.

Kasichiness – Most often afflicting Democrat and establishment Republican governors, this condition results in the irresistible itch to expand your state’s roll in bankrupting the already insolvent Medicaid program. Scratching this itch usually only makes the condition worse.

Time to Thin the GOP Herd


shutterstock_119196472At last, Lindsey Graham did the right thing. After months of increasingly irrelevant undercard debates and poll numbers in the naughts, South Carolina’s littlest senator suspended his campaign. He joins far more promising ex-candidates Rick Perry, Scott Walker, and Bobby Jindal who were unable to capitalize on today’s frustrated electorate.

Reviewing the polling this weekend, it’s past time for several others to follow their lead. Trump is still leading most surveys, Cruz has surged into prominence, and then there’s the amorphous lump of everybody else. Said amorphous lump represents a powerful constituency, as it holds a third of GOP primary voters. But divided among several candidates, these voters will lose out unless several of their current choices step aside.

Let’s face facts, George Pataki: You are not going to be the GOP candidate. The same goes for Rand Paul, John Kasich, Carly Fiorina, Mike Huckabee, and Rick Santorum. You cast your lines, but the fish ain’t biting. It’s time for you to “spend more time with your family,” just in time for Christmas.

The Debate That Was


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TDS-Logo-BLast night, CNN hosted the fifth Republican primary debate, held at Las Vegas’s lovely Venetian hotel and casino. There were, of course, two debates. But the one that people were interested in was the prime-time debate. Unfortunately for everyone involved (especially anyone who had to write about it after), the undercard debate didn’t finish until 8:12 pm ET and the primetime debate, scheduled for 8:30, didn’t start until later. The first candidate didn’t speak until 8:42. (Not that we were tapping our foot with annoyance or anything.)