Another Dispatch from Seattle… You Add the Adjective


Two very interesting stories today about what goes on in the “Emerald City” by Elliott Bay. It seems that, while a subset of Seattle residents was occupying a portion of the Capitol Hill neighborhood (CHOP, or if you prefer CHAZ), the City of Seattle was running some training for their employees. Specifically, their White employees, on how to move forward, and respond correctly in the “new normal” of the Black Lives Matter (and White lives don’t) City. Chris Rufo, of City Journal, through an Open Records request, reported on some of the handouts at those training sessions. Here are some quotes from the training materials. Emphasis mine.

According to his screenshots, the Office of Civil Rights hosted a two-and-a-half-hour “Training on Internalized Racial Superiority for White People.”

The time for doing nothing is far behind us. On this week’s show, Teri and Stacy talk about the need for the right to fight back. Teri goes on a rant about the local high school changing its mascot and why the school doesn’t deserve her kids. The ladies also take on Karen Attiah, the WaPo editor whose tweet got Stacy steaming mad. And, finally, tips on shedding the ‘rona weight we’ve all put on.

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Steven Crowder’s crew went into CHAZ/CHOP a few days ago. Turns out the warlord Raz has an apartment listed as an Air B&B, so the Crowder team rented it out and gave the warlord a tiny taste of his own medicine. Childish? Yep. Do I care about that? No.  Crowder’s team also convinced some squatters […]

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Seattle Mayor Durkan Again (Not a Parody!)

Mayor Durkan at a podium

Where’s my spotlight?

As the number of rioters dwindles to a few with strident demands, the great enabler is taking extraordinary steps to keep the party rolling. With the sharp decline in murders, rapes, robberies, arson, and population that has marked this new phase of the CHAZ/CHOP experience, City Hall released this statement Friday (not a parody) as reported by KOMO News, ABC4, Seattle:

Rob Long is in for Jim again Thursday. Today, Rob and Greg applaud Seattle businesses for suing the city for failing to provide essential services while local politicians coddled the radicals in the CHAZ/CHOP area.  They also react to revelations in Peter Strzok’s notes that Barack Obama and Joe Biden were in on the planning to target Michael Flynn and the Trump administration.  And they unload on leftist radicals and their enablers as what supposedly started as an effort to rein in police brutality is now focused on tearing down a statue celebrating emancipation, destroying Mount Rushmore, and changing our national anthem.

QotD: On the Execution of Anacharsis Cloots


Excluded at the insistence of Maximilien Robespierre from the Jacobin Club, he remained a foreigner in many eyes. When the Committee of Public Safety levelled accusations of treason against the Hébertists, they also implicated Cloots to give substance to their charge of a foreign plot. Although his innocence was manifest, he was condemned and subsequently guillotined on 24 March 1794. He incongruously followed Vincent, Ronsin, Momoro and the rest of the Hébertist leadership to the scaffold, in front of the largest crowd ever assembled for a public execution.—Wikipedia entry on Anacharsis Cloots (Emphasis mine.)

Cloots, by the way, was born as Jean-Baptiste du Val-de-Grâce, baron de Cloots. That’s right: Baron. An aristocrat cheering on the end of the aristocracy got himself shortened by a head. Ah, the French Revolution! Such a time to be alive. Puts a frisson in one’s blood, never knowing when that blood may be spilled. Sort of like the CHAZ or CHOP Zone today. Being one of the cheerleaders didn’t save Cloots, and it isn’t saving anyone today. It is easy to read about then and be appalled or even to have a bit of schadenfreude for those who went into the Revolution with full-throated cheers and came out through Madame Guillotine. It is not so funny as we watch the mobs in action in America today.

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The White House showed Mayor Durkan of Seattle how it is done when rioters set about assembling a “Black House Autonomous Zone” in Lafayette Square. This video from the Daily Caller shows how the square was cleared by police in just a few minutes of concerted action after rioters brought in materials and traffic barriers and […]

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Seattle and King County Are Now Governed by…


CHOP. The anarchists and other assorted activists who are, with the positive assistance of the City of Seattle, occupying a portion of the city, now dominate the rest of the city. More manifestations of this dominance:

Washington State Patrol will keep closing I-5 for protests. I am on the WA State Dept of Transportation email list for truckers, and I am now getting multiple alerts daily about the freeway being closed. No reason given.

The Seattle Zone


What odd times we live in!

When Seattle’s mayor, in response to intractable protests, withdrew the police from a four-block area of Seattle near the capital, the protesters established that area as the Capital Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ, later changed to CHOP for Capital Hill Occupied Protest zone, hereinafter referred to as the Zone) where the police were excluded and some of the participants claimed it to be a sovereign and independent nation based on principles of social justice. No formal governing body has been set up in the Zone so far, but certain principles have apparently been agreed upon.

Seattle Mayor Durkan’s ‘Summer of Love’


What happens when a negligent mayor leaves rioters in charge of six blocks of prime urban real estate? Maybe she’s unwilling to protect the citizens of Seattle from the lawless rape and robbery on full display in the CHAZ and jamming her 911 lines, but the Blaze is coming to the defense of the LGBT Capitol Hill neighborhood.

Civil liberties? Forget about it. Free speech? BLM is really weak on the concept. The adventure of one preacher is telling. From the Blaze:

One activist in the CHAZ threatened the protester. In the video, a man wearing a red bandanna on his face can be heard telling the preacher, “You’ll die out here bro. Do you wanna die out here?” The preacher responded, “Sin is worse than death.”