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Governor DeSantis Ready to Rumble


Governor Ron Desantis official RumbleGovernor Ron DeSantis is ready to Rumble* with the radical Democrat regime and their social media wing. In April, Google/YouTube discriminated against his viewpoint and sought to silence a governor and real medical experts competing opinions by deleting a video conference recording. Governor Desantis did not engage in phony posturing.

Instead, he had his staff establish an official Rumble channel and change all video links in official press releases to point to Rumble. This means that the governor’s office of Florida is directing traffic away from YouTube toward a newer platform, Rumble. Governor Desantis shows what an aggressive, informed executive looks and sounds like.


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Since President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump now have some level of natural immunity, having experienced a bout of the Chinese virus, it falls to the Vice President and Second Lady to lead the nation in the Warp Speed vaccination program. They will do so, in a public event, a ceremony of sorts, on […]

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Resisting Tyranny: California


A search on Pearl Harbor Day stories led to a surprising find at SFGATE, a sister-site to the San Francisco Chronicle.* Consider the trending stories late on December 7, 2020. Three of the top seven stories are skeptical, critical of the Democrats running the state and of so-called public health experts. This is a small hopeful sign from the heart of the radical left’s territory.

Soumya Karlamangla, of the Los Angeles Times wrote: “Many aren’t buying California’s ‘stay-at-home’ message. Experts say there’s a better way.” Public officials need to stop crying wolf and issuing unreasonable, unbearable demands in the name of risk avoidance. Instead, they need to promote harm reduction messages, communicating with people as they are, not as someone wishes them to be.

The percentage of Angelenos staying home except for essential activities has remained unchanged since mid-June — around 55% — despite pleas from health officials in recent weeks for people to cut down on their activities, according to a survey conducted by USC….

Media Lies about Chinese Virus, Round 2


Arizona network news are lying about the Chinese virus, hoping to flip the state to their party this election. They are willfully deceiving their viewers, so yes, they are lying. The same almost certainly holds true for every other battleground state, as a minimum. There is absolutely no dispute about the facts, which are clearly displayed on the Arizona Department of Public Health Services website, as they have been for the past half year. Arizona has never been in real danger, and is not now in any coronavirus crisis. Who are you going to believe, the lying media or your own eyes?

The answer to lies is truth. The answer to fear is a combination of reassurance and counter-fear. Fear, a feeling, cannot be effectively answered with mere facts. As human beings, we are not logic machines, we are wonderfully made with both reason and emotion, with sense and sensitivity. The public health bureaucracy in Arizona, a political battleground state, has done a very fair job of presenting the facts about hospital capacity and COVID-19 versus other ailments driving hospital occupancy. At the same time, the worthless head of the AZDHS has mouthed the lab coat left’s lines, playing with the facts she must present to hurt President Trump and Arizona as much as possible in the service of Democrats. Pathetically, even conservative talk-radio has failed to show up and defeat her with real substantive questions at press conferences. Nor has Lord Governor Ducey faced any real, sustained challenges on the reality of the medical and life damage he has imposed with his dictates. Yet, from ICU beds, to respirator use, to overall occupancy, the pictures are very reassuring. That is precisely why local broadcast media avoid these graphics.

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President Trump issued an executive order his first day back from the hospital, calling out some of the terrible side-effects of the governors locking down American citizens. His executive order focusses on what is styled mental and behavioral health, but these are no-kidding, for real medical side effects of the Fauci formula, reinforced by “America’s […]

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Trump’s Health: Reading the Social Media Walls


President TrumpDipping into social media and even official government information sources this weekend calls to mind Cold War Kremlinology. Back in the Cold War, there was a pseudoscience of Kremlinology and of “reading the walls” in China. Both involved reading into or interpreting what was said or written and not said or not written. Who appeared, where, when, with whom? Who was absent this year at event X? What was mentioned on the public walls, and what had disappeared? With the president’s health status entirely politicized, what might the truth be?

I suggest three sources for analysis: the White House YouTube channel, the White House news page, and President Trump’s Twitter account. You can access all of these without special applications or accounts. Look for two things: volume and what is or is not said.

The White House YouTube channel has only posted two videos since Thursday. It was silent Friday. Saturday and Sunday both feature one video, the short press briefings by white lab coat clad doctors, with Dr. Sean Conley (a Navy medical officer). So, no one is driving the usual high volume of new content. Indeed, the President is using Twitter, with its short video function, instead of both platforms.

Twofer Tuesday: President Trump and Kayleigh McEnany Speak


Trump and McEnanyIt was a twofer Tuesday at the White House. Early in the day, Kayleigh McEnany delivered her usual elegant evisceration of the press pool jackals. President Trump then tagged and rolled in with a solo performance in a tight and disciplined 26 minutes. Off-camera, he took consequential action with his pen, signing an executive order on the Census. I extensively annotated and selectively bolded the official transcripts, presented below for your consideration. Tuesday’s performance by the president was markedly better, tighter, more disciplined, than many in the past. Or that is my view. I especially welcome feedback from those who have been supportive of his policies but off-put by his presentation manner in press conferences.

[Author’s note: Ricochet members and readers are perfectly able to index and regularly scan official sources, but most of us do not have that interest. I hope that this occasional series of official video and transcripts adds value to Ricochet, as good, factual reporting does elsewhere. Yes, I add my opinion and analysis in and around the official facts of what was spoken. And. This injection of opinion within long transcripts is clearly set off in brackets. You read, you decide. Why transcripts? Because text is so much faster than the spoken word. You can read closely or just skim for highlights so much faster than comprehensible speech. Why video? Because important parts of our communication are tone and physical gesture.]

Kayleigh McEnany opened with law and order, framing the administration’s response in Portland, Oregon. She closed with a defense of Dr. Birx, as a woman who is a true medical expert, who rose to the rank of colonel, and who fought HIV/AIDS. McEnany waved the 400-page notebook full of medical data Dr. Birx delivers to every governor weekly and denounced the New York Times for smearing her. President Trump briefed exclusively on COVID-19 for 14 minutes, then took questions for 12 minutes. The net result was good communication on both major issues the left intends to use to win in November. In his office, the President signed an executive order, and issued a statement, directing the Secretary of Commerce to exclude illegal aliens from the electoral apportionment report, a commonsense action. I leave aside all the actions being taken by the Vice President, First Lady, and Second Lady, cited with links at the end of this post.