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Join Jim and Greg as they discuss how the RNC was smart to move away from wall-to-wall speeches politicians and showcase how policies are working in the lives of American citizens and how socialist and communist policies have devastated other nations. They also point out that Joe Biden’s belated plea for peaceful protesting fell on deaf ears as rioters ravaged Minneapolis over the false rumor that a murder suspect had been killed by police. And they wonder what the next step will be after NBA players refuse to play in playoff games over the shooting of Jacob Blake in Wisconsin

Ignoring the Democratic National Convention — like everyone else is anyway — Jack invites his National Review colleague Jimmy Quinn to explain what TikTok is and why it’s worrisome, and to ponder the extent of Chinese Communist Party influence on American college campuses.

COVID-19 and the Black Lives Matter protests have turned race and racism into hot topics in both the United States and China. Throughout the pandemic, President Trump has been condemned as a racist for labeling the coronavirus “Kung Flu,” “China virus,” and “Wuhan virus.”

Meanwhile, protestors and rioters throughout the country—from New York to Minneapolis to Portland—have been violently assailing America as one big racist enterprise for the past two plus months. China has eagerly fanned this narrative to deflect criticisms of its human rights abuses.

The Perils of Peacemaking


“It is much easier to initiate a war than to end one.” With this sentence, I begin both my most recent book — Sparta’s Second Attic War — and a blogpost put up this morning on the Yale University Press site.

The point of the latter is simple enough: the settlement imposed at the end of one war — say, the First World War — often lays the foundation for the next war, and that is what happened not only at the end of Sparta’s First Attic War, but also at the end of the First Punic War, the War of the League of Augsburg, and, yes, the Cold War.

The error that statesmen and citizens alike tend to make is to fail to recognize that those who accepted terms and have merely yielded to circumstances and are in no way broken in spirit are apt in the future to be lying in wait for an opportunity to strike.

Join Jim and Greg as they’re encouraged by a new Pew Research survey showing Americans overwhelmingly have negative views on China and believe China bears great responsibility for the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. They also discuss new evidence released from the Ghislane Maxwell case, including a deposition listing Bill Clinton and others as visiting Jeffrey Epstein’s private island. And they shake their heads as the owners of a Michigan bed and breakfast reluctantly take down the Norwegian flag on the inn because of hate mail accusing them of flying the Confederate flag.

Join Jim and Greg as they offer a rare compliment to the European Union for sanctioning China in response to Beijing’s crackdown in Hong Kong. They also discuss why voting by mail this year could be a gigantic mess and why President Trump musing about delaying the election is also a big mistake. They roll their eyes as Dr. Fauci suggests covering them with goggles or face shields to protect from COVID. And they remember successful businessman and 2012 presidential candidate Herman Cain, who passed away after a battle with COVID.

On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, author and film director Chris Fenton joined Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to discuss the damaged relationship between the Chinese Communist Party and the United States based off his experience distributing major Hollywood films in China. Fenton’s newest book, “Feeding The Dragon,” was released on Tuesday.

Fenton explained the false impression he and so many others in Hollywood and in American companies broadly believed that globalism was an intrinsically good thing. Due to the hope of increased revenue and the American influence pervading Chinese culture, Fenton said so many Americans overlooked the theft and other crime that would be developed.

Rob Long is in for Jim again today.  Today, Rob and Greg kick off the 2020 Major League Baseball season by enjoying a parody of how the Washington Nationals are failing to keep up with today’s woke cultural standards.  Then they cheer the U.S. for closing down the Chinese consulate in Houston.  They also chronicle a massive failure in Minneapolis as the effort to replace police there proves rather challenging.  And they roll their eyes as Joe Biden claims President Trump is America’s first racist president for calling the coronavirus the Chinese virus.  They also use the opportunity to bash the most racist president of in American history.

Author and Uyghur human rights activist Jewher Illham joined host Ben Domenech to discuss her personal experience fighting to expose the Chinese government’s treatment of Uyghur people. Illham is creating a documentary to raise awareness of the Uyghur‘s condition by amplifying survivors’ voices.

Illham, whose father was imprisoned seven years ago following his attempt to create an unbiased social media platform, argues that very few people both inside and outside of China are aware of the human rights offenses taking place. Uyghur people are faced into different levels of camps, including some that are solely used for torture.

Join Jim and Greg as they cheer Attorney General Bill Barr for calling out the “economic blitzkrieg” agenda of the Chinese Communist Party and hammering corporate America and big tech for turning a blind eye to China’s human rights horror show.  They also wince as resurgent COVID cases seem to have job numbers sagging again. And they have fun with the news that very few Democrats will actually be in Milwaukee for the convention next month.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and host of the The Daily Wire’s podcast “The Michael Knowles Show” Michael Knowles joined Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to discuss everything from censorship by big tech to Tik Tok and the Chinese Communist Party. Sen. Cruz and Knowles co-host the political podcast “Verdict With Ted Cruz” in which Cruz gives his take on the most important national news.

The senator argued that although media bias has been around forever, it’s immensely dangerous that a handful of monopolies now control every means of discourse. Similarly to China, the left, who controls all the major institutions in America, doesn’t want people to thoughtfully communicate their ideas because they don’t work. They must suppress free speech and silence the truth, Sen. Cruz said, because truth prevails if the discourse allows for it.

The New Evil Empire


When Ronald Reagan dubbed the Soviet Union an “evil empire” he was blasted for being inflammatory and was accused of wanting to start a nuclear war with the Soviets. Ronald Reagan negotiated with the Soviets from a position of strength and knew the only language dictators understand is strength, Reagan was going to defend American interests. I, for one, find it dishonest and frankly lazy when someone wants to view every world event through the lens of World War 2 or the Cold War because when a viable threat like China arises, Americans will be caught flat-footed. Here we are caught flat-footed and China is making moves quickly. 

Liberal intellectuals will lecture Americans and Europeans until they are blue in the face about the evils of imperialism and there is certainly cause to view empires as a negative force in the world due to a history of human rights violations. The debate about the empires of the past is for another time, now is the time to ask will our intellectual and moral betters say anything Chinese Imperialism? Not really; it is being reported but I think if we have learned in the Trump era we know when the media wants to make something a priority. China slowly trying to take away land from 18 different countries (India and Taiwan are the famous ones) but they are claiming ownership of the entire South China Sea in order to expand militarily and economically. 

Join Jim and Greg as they applaud Australia for ending its extradition agreement with Hong Kong and extending visas for Hong Kong residents in Australia over China’s crackdown on freedoms. They also discuss New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman urging Joe Biden to refuse debating President Trump unless Trump agrees to a couple of very unlikely demands. And they wince as CNN’s Don Lemon demonstrates just how little he knows about the most basic tenets of belief for tens of millions of Americans.

Greg and Jim are both here! Today, they welcome a Supreme Court decision extolling the importance of honoring the verdict of the people in each state during presidential elections.  They also shudder as China reports at least one case of the bubonic plague. And they have fun with the NBA allowing “personalized” messages on players’ jerseys that must come from a pre-approved list of messages.

‘You Two Deserve Each Other’: Russia, China, and the Impending Fight Over Vladivostok


It seems that Xi Jinping’s move to a more openly aggressive foreign policy is extending in every direction, not just to his Southwestern neighbor India, but to his Northern ally, Russia. The PRC is now claiming past (and hinting at proper present) ownership of one of Russia’s major Pacific port cities, Vladivostok (Владивосток), on the basis of Qing rule in the territory. (For those who are unfamiliar with Chinese dynasties, the Qing were the final emperors of China and ruled from 1644 until 1912, but the territory under question was annexed by Russia in the 1860 Treaty of Beijing and Han people, who constitute(d) the majority of China’s population, had long been banned from entry by their Manchu rulers. Additionally, the Chinese Empire was not the first or last territorial entity to claim or assert ownership in the region). What does this bode for Russia and China individually, and their mutual relations?

>As a disclaimer, I understand very little Chinese, basically nothing beyond the ability to politely navigate a grocery store/restaurant and introduce myself, so my analysis will mostly fall on the Russian side of the issue, where I have a far superior linguistic arsenal. But, let’s begin by situating this (maybe) surprising turn of events within a broader context. For the sake of some minimal amount of brevity, I’ll summarize the pre-1949 relationship by saying that it was a mixed bag at the official level (borders were not firmly set in the pre and early modern worlds, and even beyond then people at a local level generally continue to interact regardless of their government’s wishes), and by the late 19th century favored Russia as the richer and more Westernized/militarily superior power.

Skipping a bit ahead, relations between the PRC and the USSR were often about as cosy as the climate of the Russian Far East. Naturally, the two largest Communist powers in the world were allies, and the Soviets sent aid to Mao when he was fighting the Kuomintang, but even then Stalin was stingy in the amounts that he sent, and as the years went on he hardly became more friendly. Mao, when he visited Russia, was made to feel like a lesser entity in all of his meetings with Uncle Joe, something that was particularly damaging to relations when the Chinese despot had such singular control, and in general the Soviets did not hesitate in displaying a paternalistic attitude towards the newer members of the Marxist-Leninist camp, encouraging technological and educational exchange programs but also emphasizing their superiority as longer standing, stricter communists and a more advanced society. 

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A new documentary from the Epoch Times gives us the ticktock on the CCP virus from the early days in late 2019, drilling down on the progress of the disease and the CCP lies from the very beginning, hiding the spread, hiding the deaths of health care workers, the hoarding of medical supplies while telling […]

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Join Jim and Greg as they applaud South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott for a pragmatic approach to police reform and for rightly hammering the Democratic characterization of his legislation as a “token” approach. They also rip Chief Justice John Roberts for siding with the four liberal justices in blocking the Trump administration’s effort to end DACA, which was unconstitutionally created in the first place.  And they wade into the ugly back and forth between President Trump and former National Security Adviser John Bolton over Bolton’s scathing new book.

The World Keeps Turning


The secret to any good magic trick is deception. The audience’s attention is diverted up into the air, while the trick is pulled off under the table. Politics is, in and of itself, a type of magic. How do governments and high-level officials pull off the corruption they do? Everyone else is looking away.

If you could find me an American who isn’t aware of either Coronavirus or Black Lives Matter, I would be shocked. The entire nation is held captive by these era-defining moments. Important as they are, it is imperative that we pay attention to the other events happening in the world around us that have just as much potential to play into future conflicts as Black Lives Matter does.

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The Tiananmen Square protests came to a close in Beijing on June 4th, 1989 when troops arrived and began killing protestors and bystanders. The Chinese government arrested thousands of protesters, cracked down on other demonstrations in the country, kicked out foreign journalists, censored coverage of the Tiananmen incident in the press, bolstered police powers, and […]

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