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Democrat Regime “Whitesplains” to Blacks in Harlem


Make them own it. The Democratic Party, in the administrative state, the Congress, and the White House, is all in on Critical Race Theory and acknowledging white privilege as part of “anti-racism.” So, how is it that the Senate, White House, and administrative state, medical wing, sent two white women and an old white man to whitesplain experimental, emergency authorization vaccinations to Black people in Harlem?

Can Jill Biden help move the needle on vaccination rates?

Arizonans Are Revolting


Filling the restaurants and small venues in the beautiful outdoor weather. While Lord Governor Ducey talked out both sides of his mouth*, desperately trying to split the difference between Abbott/Desantis and Cuomo/Newsom, the bikers rolled back into downtown Mesa for bike night without permission or Mesa city hall control. Live music from an earlier rebellious era filled Main Street, punctuated by the sound of more Harleys rolling in. It was the sound of freedom.

Beyond the biker crowd, people jammed into every surviving eatery and watering hole, including new ones optimistically opened by small, true entrepreneurs. For the first time in nearly a year, you had to search for parking on a Friday night.

Trump’s Health: Reading the Social Media Walls


President TrumpDipping into social media and even official government information sources this weekend calls to mind Cold War Kremlinology. Back in the Cold War, there was a pseudoscience of Kremlinology and of “reading the walls” in China. Both involved reading into or interpreting what was said or written and not said or not written. Who appeared, where, when, with whom? Who was absent this year at event X? What was mentioned on the public walls, and what had disappeared? With the president’s health status entirely politicized, what might the truth be?

I suggest three sources for analysis: the White House YouTube channel, the White House news page, and President Trump’s Twitter account. You can access all of these without special applications or accounts. Look for two things: volume and what is or is not said.

The White House YouTube channel has only posted two videos since Thursday. It was silent Friday. Saturday and Sunday both feature one video, the short press briefings by white lab coat clad doctors, with Dr. Sean Conley (a Navy medical officer). So, no one is driving the usual high volume of new content. Indeed, the President is using Twitter, with its short video function, instead of both platforms.

A United Nations Speech Like No Other


Trump UN75President Trump took under eight minutes to state the United States position to world leaders and domestic and international audiences. He started with the reason the United Nations was formed 75 years ago, the end of the second world war in a half century. President Trump used military imagery to tie the UN’s purpose to the current global pandemic. Then he dropped the hammer on China. President Trump called on the UN to deal with real problems and pointed to real US leadership under his administration. He pointed to the remarkable peace deals resulting from his administration rejecting the tired old institutionalized expert formulas. He once again pointed to the obligation of every government to care first for its own citizens, and then to make agreements in the mutual interest of each nation’s people, not according to elite theories and interests.

President accused China and the World Health Organization of letting the virus out and lying at all the important points. when it could have been contained or its effect on populations limited. President Trump then detailed China’s offenses against the rest of the world as the leading polluter of the oceans and atmosphere. No one can doubt that the Chinese Communist Party dearly wants Joe Biden, Chuck and Nancy in charge of America next January, and is fully supportive of the Democrats’ subversive strategy of denying the legitimacy of any Republican victory.

This latest annual speech reflects both continuity and change. President Trump has consistently advocated for each nation to take care of its own people first, making only those deals that are mutually beneficial to the citizens of the nations involved. He has beat the drum for reform of international organizations, cleaning up corruption and incompetence by pointing them back to their founding purposes. What changed was a major shift against China, now being accused of being the world’s supervillain, and celebration of the sweet fruit of long labors in the Middle East.

Thursday: The Melania and Donald Show [updated with transcript]


justice and COVID-19Thursday was different as First Lady Melania Trump was prominently featured separately from President Trump, who closed the day out with what is becoming a daily presidential press briefing. Thursday offered a rare view of First Lady Melania Trump leading a meeting, a meeting linking her Be Best initiative and the latest pandemic.

The Indian Health Service System (IHS) has long been criticized, like other government health services, and unlike the British reverential attitude towards the National Health Service. President Trump maintained his newfound discipline in another tight half-hour briefing, this time with a series of maps detailing the current Chinese virus outbreaks. On the same day, the White House quietly announced a key rollback of an Obama socialist policy, aimed at destroying the suburbs, subjugating them to central planners and Democrat party bosses.

So, in two days, President Trump addressed protecting Americans who live in suburbs, or who aspire to have their own home, from leftist federal bureaucrats and the Democrat Party, and also addressed making urban areas back into safe communities with focussed law enforcement disrupting gangs’ reign of terror, and so disrupting the corrupt alliance of convenience between Democrat politicians and crime bosses. He did this while sustaining a disciplined daily update direct to the American people on the Chinese virus. His update made real news on the Republican convention and his emphasis on children was reinforced by a talking points paper:

John Lennon, Niccolo Machiavelli, and Trade Policy


Over at NationalReview.com, Scott Lincicome posted “On ‘Supply-Chain Repatriation,’ It’s Buyer (and Nation) Beware.” Lincicome claims to be an expert on trade policy and is affiliated with Cato and Duke University. But, as far as I am concerned, he is just an interchangeable part in the chorus of Econ 101 theorists who have advocated for free trade and global supply chains for the past 50 years. For convenience, I will call Lincicome and his like-minded confreres, the FTGSCs.

Lincicome cited a bunch of numbers intended to demonstrate that the apparent grip of China on our oxygen line is not a real problem. Fortunately, Lt. Gen. (USAr Ret.) H.R. McMaster and Scott Atlas, M.D., who are far smarter, far more accomplished, and far more experienced than Mr. Lincicome, wrote in today’s Wall Street Journal:

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Safer at Home


And there you have it.

As of Thursday night, only essential businesses can remain open. Gas stations, grocery stores, anything to do with healthcare, delivery people exempted.