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Socialist Birds of a Feather: 1978


Democratic Socialists AmericaScott Johnson’s recent Power Line post on CRT took us back to 1978 and yet another commie lover. The American left has a long history of admiration for communist regimes, whether Russia, China, Cuba, or even North Korea. They see there an exercise of power such as they desire over us. The left is perfectly willing to say the quiet part out loud. We should take them seriously.

Scott Johnson was commenting on an important and clear recent explanation of how critical race theory led to Kendi. Johnson offered special insight into a very early advocate of CRT [emphasis added]:

Sibarium’s column struck a personal chord with me. He links to and quotes from Alan Freeman’s 1978 Minnesota Law Review article “Legitimizing Racial Discrimination through Antidiscrimination law: A Critical Review of Supreme Court Doctrine.” My last semester in law school I was a student in Professor Freeman’s Civil Rights course.

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The United States is in my mind the greatest country on earth. Our decency, our values, the principles we stand on I can say to you with zero hesitation or reservation I am proud to be an American. Unfortunately, many Americans do not feel the same anymore. We view patriotism far too often through the […]

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Boycott the 2022 Winter Olympics in China


Almost anytime I see the word “boycott,” I either cringe or turn away. In my experience, boycotts are ineffective, political statements that have little power to make a difference. They can have mixed agendas, such as the Boycott-Divest-Sanction (BDS) movement against Israel; or they can make an immediate statement, such as the boycott called against Goya Foods, which actually increased the company’s sales and visibility.

But the most recent boycott discussion against the 2022 Winter Olympics in China has gotten my attention. On many levels, the U.S. taking a stand against the CCP, in particular, could make an impactful statement against a regime that has made no secret about its goal to become the most powerful country in the world. I’m going to make the case for pursuing a boycott against China, because the country needs to be held to account on multiple levels.