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John O. McGinnis joins Brian Anderson to discuss the economic condition of Illinois, the main players in its infamous “machine” politics, the recent looting in Chicago that tore through the city’s Magnificent Mile, and more.

Wednesday news: Operations LeGend and Warpspeed


President Trump followed his strong Tuesday performance with two disciplined appearances on Wednesday. He hit both of the major themes the Democrats have hoped they would ride to victory in November. First, he finally took direct action on urban violence, which takes a terrible toll on black lives every year, and then he held another brief and forceful COVID-19 briefing at the end of the day. In the first instance, he had a series of other speakers, while he maintained solo control of the message in the Chinese virus briefing, to the open frustration of the media jackals. In both cases, he continued to show message discipline, an encouraging two data points that we may all pray turns into a trend.

The first briefing was on reviving and massively reinforcing federal law enforcement anti-gang programs under long-established federal law. President Trump was very somber in his tone and appearance. Attorney General Barr and even FBI Director Wray were there to emphasize the entirely established nature of the crime-fighting initiative. The “so what” was answered by heart-breaking stories told by survivors who still mourn the loss of entirely innocent family members to violent crime.

President Trump pointed out that some states and cities were asking for help, and others were not. He showed that he would no longer use the cover of federalism to stand aside while Americans are terrorized in their own communities. This has been a key complaint from his voter base and from those who he seeks to persuade to cross party lines this fall.

Shot Across the Bow of the Illinois Ship of State


pritzker_lightfoot_IllinoisPresident Trump has a pen and a phone, too. He used the pen to send a letter to Chicago Mayor Lightfoot and Illinois Gov. Pritzker on Friday, June 26, 2020. He made no overt threat, but the letter must be read in the context of his repeated statements about domestic security in these United States. President Trump’s two-page letter followed up his Thursday Fox News town hall, and his lengthy Federalist interview in the Oval Office on Friday. The letter cited the recent death toll in Chicago, a butcher’s bill added in the 72 hours that followed.

The Chicago Sun-Times tells the grim tale:

18 dead, 47 wounded in Chicago weekend shootings
Four children were among the weekend’s victims, including a 1-year-old boy fatally shot in Englewood, a 10-year-old girl killed in Logan Square and a 17-year-old boy killed in Humboldt Park.

Strong, Sensible, Domestic Security Policy


Bill of Rights and TrumpPresident Trump ran and won on a strong, sensible Second Amendment policy. He knew the issue was so important, that he made it the subject of his second position paper for the 2016 campaign.* He, his aides, his supporters, and the GOP need to dust that document off and go on offense this next week. Here is how such a Trumpian approach is a winner in American politics.

The 2016 election hinged on several states in the Rust Belt. Salena Zito and Brad Todd documented the surprising voting demographics that came through for President Trump. One of these groups was labeled “girl gun power.”** These were Millennial to Gen X women who had the strongest belief of any demographic group that they had the undeniable right to decide for themselves what kind of firearm was appropriate for their home defense. The NRA very effectively focussed advertising to them, and they chose guns over genital solidarity, even after the Billy Bush tape.

President Trump absolutely must hold these voters. But what of the signs of losing the old core of suburban Republican women? There are concerns that, as Texas attracted businesses from California, it imported new voters who want economic freedom but have contempt for the Second Amendment and social conservatism. Moreover, there are fears that suburban women, even if identifying as Republican, dislike President Trump.

Nicole Gelinas and Aaron Renn join Seth Barron to discuss recent developments in New York and Chicago.

In the first week of April, both cities marked milestones: Manhattan got the nation’s first congestion-pricing plan, courtesy of the state legislature, while Chicago elected its first black woman as mayor.

Aaron Renn and Rafael Mangual join City Journal editor Brian Anderson to discuss Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s legacy, the Windy City’s ongoing homicide epidemic, and its severely underfunded public pensions.

Chicago’s energetic leader shocked the political world this week when he announced that he would not seek a third term as mayor. Emanuel leaves behind a mixed record: he enjoyed some successes, but he largely failed to grapple with the city’s two biggest problems: finances and violent crime.

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Over on NRO Andrew C. McCarthy has a good piece on the problems with trying to save Chicago, “Can the Feds Save Chicago?” In it he summarizes by saying,  “President Trump should get the feds to address Chicago’s carnage. But the first feds to get marching orders should be the ones at the Justice Department […]

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