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Wiser leaders and editorialists would focus on the growing crisis of mental illness, not pursue political advantage, when pontificating on at least several tragic shootings this past week. It’s a statement that Rahm Emanuel, former partisan Democratic congressman, Clinton White House Chief of Staff, and spectacularly failed ex-mayor of Chicago, claims is taken out of […]

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Senate Democrats’ Latest Filibuster Idea: An Update


Yesterday, I opined on the latest idea percolating among US Senate Democrats to get their partisan power grab on steroids – federalizing election rules in apparent violation of the US Constitution – through the Senate and on the President’s desk.

They focused on what Senate insiders call the “two-speech rule,” limiting every Senator to speaking twice on any question during a legislative day.

Senate Democrats’ Latest Crazy Filibuster Idea


While you’ve been busy watching football or digging out of snowstorms, both House and Senate Democrats have been working overtime to find a way of enacting a partisan federal takeover of America’s elections. They are desperate to get a bill to the president’s desk.

And they are almost there. But that last hurdle is a doozy.

Senate’s Parliamentarian Back Under the Klieg Lights


Klieg lights, Wikipedia tells us, were intensely bright “carbon arc” lights used in filmmaking. They were so bright that they allowed Hollywood directors to film daytime scenes at night. They were also so bright as to cause inflammation of the eye, known as “Klieg eye.”

Let’s hope the Senate’s Parliamentarian, Elizabeth McDonough suffers no such injury. Or worse. Few people like the spotlight less than the Senate’s Parliamentarian, a senior staff member and legal expert who reports to the Secretary of the Senate, the chamber’s senior officer. And now, she has won a new Twitter hashtag, #FireTheParliamentarian.